3 Methods To Fix Yarn Command Not Found Within 5 Minutes!

yarn command not found

From adding a Java package manager to running the initialization in the program, the Yarn command has recently anchored importance on the package’s development and publishing. Arrived as an alternative to npm in 2016, Yarn is an acronym for” Yet Another Resource Negotiator.” Considering it as a command, Yarn can be utilized with five exceptional keywords: add, init, install, publish and remove.  

Though all these commands serve a unique and distinctive purpose, however, recently, java users have reported “command not found yarn” as a frustrating issue that appears all of a sudden while executing or running the program. Well, with this article, you are sorted. 

The primary cause of the increasing occurrence of Yarn: Command Not Found is that many users forget to install or update the Yarn version. Undoubtedly, numerous methodologies can be used to install or upgrade the yarn version, but which one is the best, safe and secure? Read the article until the end and follow the same chronological steps to fix the error within a few seconds. 

How to Solve The Yarm Command Not Found 

The primary reason why Yarn Command Not Found is occurring repeatedly is either due to improper installation of the package in your setup or the inability of the package to path its setup to the variable.  

If you are suffering from all the above error commands, then the procedure of all of them stays the same. You can follow the pointer below to get rid of the error.

  • yarn command not found 
  • zsh: command not found Yarn
  • start command not found Yarn
  • vue command not found Yarn
  • bash: yarn command not found
  • expo command not found after using Yarn
  • bash: /usr/local/bin/yarn No such file or directory

#1: Through Official Website 

  • To check whether the yarn package manager has been installed into the PC. If not, there are multiple ways; you can install it directly on the computer through the official yarn exe website. 
  • Add the path environment variable. 

yarn command not found - Google Docs


#2: Using Node.js Using npm.

Using Node.js is another independent platform that can aid in installing yarn packages quickly. 

Start by installing node.js. 

Open a command prompt and execute the following code


yarn command not found -


#3: Command Not Found Yarm Error: Installing Appropriately 

The first and foremost method to fix all yarn-related errors is to check whether the installation is proper or not. To check whether the Yarn has been installed correctly or not, consider the following points:

#1: Fixing It By Installing Yarn Appropriately

Note: If you have already installed Yarn into your system, move directly to step two. Step 1 is only for the users who couldn’t find yarn packages in the system.

  • If you are using the npm package manager: type the following code:

npm package manager

  • If you are using Ubuntu APT Package Manager, use the following code:

APT Package Manager

  • If you are a macOS operator, Consider this:

macOS operator

#2: Installing Yarn Using NPM Package Manager 

The npm command not found error states that the npm package manager is not installed on your PC. Therefore, you must check the yarn version with the $ Yarn – – version 

  • The simplest way to install the latest 3rd version of Yarn is using the following command. it doesn’t matter if you are on using Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu; add the following code:

latest 3rd version of Yarn

  • In case you aim to install a specific version, use: @ version name, Like the following:

specific version use @package

  • For Ubuntu or Linux operating systems, prefix Sudo:

Linux operating system

#3: Install Yarn using APT Package Manager 

For Ubuntu, follow the following steps:

On getting a curl not found error, use the apt install curl command to install curl and run the following code:

curl not found error

Remove cmd test errors first: 

Remove cmdtest errors

In case of using nvm, avoid the nde installation via the following code:

avoid the nde installation

What about macOS Users?

The simplest method is to run the script

For a non-specific version, try this code: 

on-specific version

For a specific version: use this code: 

specific version

#2: Setting the Correct Pathway

To set up the correct pathway, the yarn bin directory path will be subjective to the browser or the platform you are working on. Therefore, first, check the path before setting it. This will prevent you from finding the command not found error when running the yarn command.

#1: What’s Your Global Pin?

You can provide a pathway to your profile file with the assistance of .bashrc, .profile, .zshrc, or .bash_profile. 


Global Pin

For example, I added the following command to my .bashrc file to make yarn work.

my .bashrc file

For reloading the file: 

Especially for macOS Users:

macOS Users

This will edit the file along with adding the path.

Alternatively, LINK and then reload the file path. 


#3: Reboot PC: Yarn Command Not Found Error Occurring Again?

After the installation of the Yarn and directing it to the correct pathway so, before heading further, just reboot the system once again and then reinstall the yarn package. 

#4: Reinstalling Yarn Packages: If using BREW

This will aid you in installing Yarn globally without the npm package manager. 

installing Yarn globally

LINK, This will reinstall Yarn if the file is corrupted. 

reinstall Yarn if the file is corrupted

#5: Finally: Prefix Yar Setup

 Find the global pin via LINK

Find your global bin path

Now set yarn prefix, 

set yarn prefix

In case of no output, run the following command, LINK

run the following command

Add the code to the setup file, 

Add the code

Restart the shell, and you are done.

Restart the shell

How To Check If It’s Installed Appropriately? 

To check the successful application of the yarn package manager, run the global pin 


These three methods must have provided you with the solution to solve command not found yarn, bash yarn command not found, zsh: command not found: yarn and yarn start command not found an error within some of the simple steps. Use the best methods based on your platform, and thank me later.

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