X31 vs Z71. How to Buy The Right Package? – 5 Major Differences

X31 vs. Z71

What is the significant difference between X31 and Z71? This common question comes to mind when you think about these two models. Though both are off-road packages and are highly recommended, there lie key differences between the two that you need to know. 

The GMC Sierra 1500 was released last year with an update- the X31 off-road package, which makes this iconic car change. In addition, the Z71 has a badge on the front grille and next to the side view mirror. Knowing the difference between the two is crucial to allow you to make a wise decision on selecting the right package. 

 5 Major Differences


Knowing about these two packages’ off-road performance is very important as you may have to drive your vehicle over damaged and rough roads. The X31 offers outstanding off-road performance, especially on roads rugged with debris and not very smooth. It has excellent hill-descent control with a robust braking system. The system has been created so that the brakes automatically function when the vehicle goes downhill, giving you a good grip on steep roads. 

The Silverado Z71 offers similar performance. It has several engines. Irrespective of the machines it holds, they function exceptionally well in off-road and rough terrains. It includes a turbocharged 4-cylinder system offering it strong power. It also provides features such as the rugged suspension best for off-roading.

When the X31 is compared to the Z71, the difference in their performance is slight as both have been filled with premium features keeping them top on the performance position. 


Another difference you need to know about these two packages is the difference between the technologies used to build them. The GMC X31 offers modern technology, including innovations, smooth smartphone incorporation, and cool features such as driver alerts and camera systems.

The use of technology makes it a very comfortable drive, and it is easy to navigate through these technologies. 

The Silverado Z71, on the other hand, has classic yet modern visuals, which makes it very appealing to the viewers. However, when the technology integration is compared between the two packages, the X31 wins because it offers attractive graphics incorporated on the instrument cluster and has some modern technologies as well. 


When comparing the design between X31 and Z71, X31 offers a metallic look, and this package has a wide range of offerings that ensure that you can pick designs from the standard models to the premium ones. It is also available in several colours, such as black, red, and green. 

A similar colour variation is observed in the Z71. Though both the models display a perfect design, noticeable changes such as the ones in the headlights and the underbody transfers make them unique with special designs. However, the black Z71 is a classic and is mostly loved by people across the globe. 


The exteriors of both models are very important to be discussed as when off-roading, these externals, such as the metal and body differences, play a significant role in the vehicle’s overall performance. Both X31 and Z71 have robust bodies which offer a study design. No matter which package you select, an efficient surface is guaranteed on all terrains. 

The GMC X31 offers a solid metal design that ensures the vehicle does not face hurdles, even on roads with the worst surface. Like the Z71, the metal sill plates allow smooth driving on rough terrains. 

The only difference lies in the number of wheel options in both, as the X31 package allows for a three-wheel chance while the Z71 has only a one-wheel option. In addition, X31 has two different engine transmissions, which you can choose from depending on your preference. 


The final difference comes in the purpose of driving these two models on the road. However, both packages are made for off-road and should be ideally used for off-road purposes. Once you understand your preference and the purpose of driving, you make a better choice in selecting between these two. 

As GMC prepares for better and improvised off-roading setups, the 2022 edition has an extremely good and updated off-road design. While the Silverado Z71 also ensures to give you prompt all-terrain abilities. 

When the road purpose of the two models are compared, the Z71 wins here as it offers better durability and is well suited for driving in kinds of terrains. Additionally, it also offers good durability, making it an excellent package on the roads. 


Is the X31 Package Good?

The X31 is loved by most customers and has very good offerings, including its price range, making it a good fit for people with lower budgets. The package, in addition, has been well equipped, making it a good choice for rugged and rough terrains.

The driving performance is excellent, and this model is available in various designs and colours. You can also select a model from a range of offerings, from standard to premium collections. 

What is the 2022 GMC X31 Package?

The GMC X31 package has very good offerings, and it comes with a well-equipped suspension system that offers engine protection from hazards on rough roads. In addition, it also includes a robust hill descent control.

Moreover, the heavy skid pads allow a firm grip for the skid, especially on wet surfaces ensuring the vehicle does not slip or skid. 

The Bottom Line!

While both models have specific offerings and qualities, deciding which package to select can be a little overwhelming. However, go through each factor mentioned in the article and choose the package which will suit your vehicle and intend to drive. Ensure that your off-road requirements are met with the selected package.

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