5 Worst Tire Brands To Avoid

Worst Tire Brands To Avoid

Tires are, generally, a pretty boring product. They’re not exactly the first thing you think about when you’re buying a new car, and even when you do, they’re not really a focus.

So it’s easy to overlook the fact that the tire you buy has a huge impact on how your car handles.

The truth is that all tires are not created equal. Different tires have different widths, tread patterns, and compounds, which makes them behave differently on the road. And not all of them are up to the job.

You see, some tire brands are more about image than performance, and while that might seem like a good thing, all it really means is that they’re more about profit than performance.

As you shop for new tires, you’ll notice that there are a lot of brands to choose from. Some have brick-and-mortar stores, while others aren’t available in your area at all. They all make claims about their products’ performance and reliability, but which brands should you trust? This post explains what you should avoid, and why.

Chinese Tire Brands

Chinese tire brands are known to be the leaders in low price and low quality. Many of these companies have been accused of producing tires with unsafe materials and using harsh methods to lower production costs.

Some of them are even guilty of selling counterfeited tires. The Chinese National Government has cracked down on unsafe tires but much work is still needed. Check out the following tire brands that you must stay away from:

  1. AKS tires
  2. Telluride
  3. Chaoyang
  4. Goodride
  5. Compass Tires

This is unsafe for your car. This means that the tire will get worn out faster because of low quality material. Previously, many of these brands were selling duplicate tires with the same appearance and packaging of original tires.

The products were made with low quality material and did not have durability and safety standards. With time, the brand owners have been taken to court and had to pay large fines. With time, the brand owners have been taken to court and had to pay large fines.

Best Tire Brands You Should Go For :

1. Michelin Pilot

Michelin Pilot is the new tire from Michelin that has an improved performance and handling. It has an innovative tread pattern and a very advanced multicellular design that minimizes cupping, enhances wet performance and reduces noise.

The new Pilot is the first tire with a ‘V’ shaped tread pattern that minimizes stone retention and enhances cornering stability.

2. Pioneer

Pioneer is a brand of tires manufactured by the Japanese company, TBC Corporation. The tires are mainly sold in China, the United States, and Japan. The tires are also sold in select European countries.

The brand was created in 2005 by TBC, when it acquired the Chinese tire maker, Xuzhou Tire. The brand is most notable for being the first Chinese tires to gain popularity in the world market. The brand also has the most advanced tire production technology in China and has the best testing equipment.

3. Bridgestone

At Bridgestone, we know tires. Not just passenger or truck tires, but tires for every purpose, from off-roading and racing, to motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. This breadth of experience means we’re able to craft tires that excel in all kinds of weather and terrain, and provide only the most technologically advanced tire designs on the market today. Bridgestone offers tires for nearly every purpose, from the highway to the track, and helps its customers get the most out of their vehicles.


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