When Can I Change My Septum Piercing? Isn’t It Too Early?

when can you change your septum piercing

Who doesn’t want to look stylish and hot? Commenced with celebs and tik-tokers, now, septum piercing has been all over the internet. Septum piercing has been one of the most popular trends dominating all-female groups irrespective of age.

The symbol of success and denoting the rite of passage into adulthood, the septum tissue usually takes around two to three months to get healed as it is the most delicate tissue in the whole body.

Therefore, necessary precautions and care are a must before you are planning to change your septum piercing. Well, then that is the most accurate time when you can change your septum piercing? Well, to answer this question, read the article till the end. 

When Can You Change Your Septum Piercing?

Of course, who doesn’t want to try different trends and looks once the septum piercing is done? Though there isn’t any fixed timeline for you to change the septum piercing. However, once the septum tissue is healed you must change the ornament as the layer is thinnest in the body, and changes in the tender crust will result in injury, causing pain and irritation. 

The whole healing process depends upon your body, lifestyle and calorie intake, and the quality of the food you intake. People consuming an appropriate amount of protein in their diet along with an eclectic mix of apt amounts of other nutrients can heal the issue as quickly as two to three months.

However, the same process could take six to eight months also. Hence, the average time lasts around four to six months. 

How To Flip Up A Septum Piercing

Flipping up a septum piercing commonly depends on the type of jewelry you have worn in the septum. If you are wearing a horseshoe-type, then hiding the piercing at the workplace or school shall become an easy task.

Though there are numerous methods and the best advice would be to consult with your piercer or a basic style that works for all skin types and all types of jewelry is to stretch your mouth skin, push the jewelry in an upwards direction until it goes into your nose. Stretching this way will avoid highlighting your exquisite septum piercing.

The process is painless if you have an older piercing. However, in the case of a new one, it might hurt a little and make your nose look less swollen.  

What Happens If I Change My Nose Piercing Too Early

If you are able to sense a layer of skin covering then, your tissue is still in the recovering process. Once the septum is pierced, the softening of the tissue solely depends on the care you offer to the tissue. The bad septum piercing can result in problems including infections and if not cured, it can certainly be detrimental to nostrils the results are often immense painful. 

  • If the piercing is changed before the sensitive area is healed appropriately, undoubtedly, the healing process shall take more time. Additionally, you often feel intense pain in the area, causing your eyes to leak. 
  • If this is your first piercing, then this might feel uncomfortable for you for starting days, but over time, you will be absolutely okay and comfortable. 
  • As the skin is still struggling to adjust to the new hole, changing septum piercing before the time will result in a swollen and inflamed area, making it difficult for the contemporary piece of jewelry to adjust to your septum. 
  • If you believe that removing the old jewelry from the septum would be an easy task, then you are probably not right. Picking the previous piercing out will before the healing, tear the tissue and expose the part of the scabbing. Therefore, if the part isn’t kept clean with necessary precautions, it will lead to numerous infections and blood clotting and might cause much more pain than expected. 

Septum Piercing Pros And Cons

Who can deny the fact that septum piercing looks super duper stylish and is a lot more fun? Every coin has two sides, so septum piercing also has pros and cons. 

Starting with septum piercing pros, 

  • The easiest and most popular style of piercing 
  • Doesn’t cost you an arm and leg. You are probably gonna spend not more than 65 USD on the piercing. Though the cost doesn’t include the piece of jewelry, always pick one of the most exquisite pieces to highlight your piercing and of course, you are gonna look flawless. 
  • It is far better than the average nose ring and looks so sleek, stylish, and cute. 
  •  Flipping up or concealing septum piercing is convenient. 

On the contrary, bad septum piercing can lead to some drawbacks:

  • Septum piercing can take months to heal. 
  • Though piercing through the cartilage is a painful process, the end results are definitely super satisfactory. 
  • Get ready for some bull ring comments and be prepared to flip up at the professional settings as they aren’t tolerated and the reaction of people is unparalleled. 

Should I Get My Septum Pierced

Septum piercing is undoubtedly for a bolder look that goes through the basal nose between your nostrils. Though the majority of people wear a horseshoe type of jewelry, you can definitely experiment with your looks with unique pieces of jewelry.

Before landing on the decision of getting your septum pierced, do comprehensive research and get valuable advice from a piercing plunge such as finding a reputable piercer.

Have an immaculate image of the type of style you wish to go, for instance, you could go for a full ring or circular barbell depending upon your face type. The process will certainly take enormous time to heal. 


undoubtedly, septum rings are available in numerous styles and designs including simple, delicate, ornate, substantial or even, you can pick any one of the styles that you desire and suits your personality. Complete healing requires approximately four to six months of time, solely depending upon several factors, and prior changing or bad septum piercing can often have adverse effects on the skin, causing excessive pain and infection. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact your piercer before changing due to fatal results. 


How Long Until I Can Change My Septum Piercing?

You should at least wait for a minimum of three months before changing the piercing. Though, several other factors determine the healing process of the septum tissue. 

How Painful Is A Septum Piercing?

Well, this is a fact that you cannot deny at all. Piercing is painful no matter whichever body part it is done. 

What should I apply before changing my septum piercing?

During the change apply some water or oil such as jojoba oil on the pierced area to keep it soft. This will further reduce the pain and result in the simple removal and addition of exquisite jewelry pieces. 

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