What Happened To Liquid Glass Auto Polish

What Happened To Liquid Glass Auto Polish

We would like to explain what happened to liquid glass auto polish. First of all, liquid glass is not really glass. It is a polish that is made of a special type of resin. Instead of a thin layer of clear polish, it provides a protective coating that is extremely durable.

It is not a wax, and it does not leave a visible layer of protection behind. The coating that liquid glass leaves behind is invisible. It is called invisible glass because it protects your vehicle without altering the appearance of your vehicle.

The popular liquid glass autos had a nice run, but it’s time to move on. It is time for the next gen of auto products. Soon you will be seeing the most advanced car paint, car cleaning.

What Is Liquid Glass?

Liquid Glass is a new product for car enthusiasts, but they might not be able to find it because the company that produces and sells Liquid Glass has apparently stopped production. The polish gives long-lasting shine with minimum effort.

Why Do People Crazy On Liquid Glass?

Liquid glass was revered among vehicle lovers due t o its effectiveness in giving automobiles an efficient protection against regular wear over time while providing high gloss finish which lasts longer than any other brand of automobile paint polishes currently found on the market today But now liquid glass can no more be bought as there are indications from manufacturers themselves that sales have been gradually decreasing since 2015

For those of us who love cars, Liquid Glass is a must-have product. It’s been revered among car enthusiasts for producing long-lasting paint shine with minimal effort and without the need to re-apply it frequently. But can you still find it?Liquid Glass i

Liquid Glass has an exclusive formula that gives protection and glossiness not found in waxes or other polishes on the market today; however, some people may be experiencing difficulty finding this sought after liquid polish because supply seems limited as companies are phasing out production altogether due to its proprietary nature.

Liquid Glass is a trusted product that people have been using for many years with super results. Get the whole car done in no time at all when you use this amazing polish by applying it to an entire surface area and then letting it turn into haze before buffing out any residue! Reviewers loved how easy Liquid Glass was, even on classic cars like Chevys from 40s. Liquid glass has never failed me yet- I recommend checking them out if your looking for new waxes or polishes

Is Liquid Glass Still Made?

it seems to be a thing of the past. The company’s web page also notes that they have been unable to contact the manufacturer and has not seen any update as far back at February 2020.

Is there any good liquid glass substitute? It’s virtually identical to the classic Liquid Glass, says users.

When it comes to keeping your car looking show-worthy, there are few products as versatile and dependable in the market. RejeX is frequently mentioned as an automotive polish that gives a good finish but requires more application time than Liquid Glass which might be too quick for some people’s taste.

Another suggestion would be Finish First because of its similarity with Liquid Glass down to even coming in a metal tin with red Corvette label just like classic liquid glass does!


Our vehicle was in desperate need of a good waxing, so we decided to try out the new liquid glass auto polish. It was easy to apply, and the results were impressive! We were able to wipe off any fingerprints left by our little hooligans, and even removed the scratches that we had accumulated since our last wax.

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