What Do Nits Look Like On Paper Towels? Isn’t It Scary?

what do nits look like on paper towel

No matter how much you take care of your hair, nits always have a home in your hair. Whether you have blond, dark or light hair, the approach to getting rid away from nits and necessary precautions stays the same. Nits lay small eggs, called lice, appearing whitish and oval. Although these problems tend to happen amongst small children, adults can also face nits if they share combs and keep their hair dirty and untidy. 

Head lice is a transmitted disease, and one needs to be ultra careful of it if they want their hair to shine and be beautiful. Well, there are many other questions and interesting facts related to nits. If you wish to know everything in detail, you should give your undivided attention to this article. 

Busting Myths: Bugs That Look Like Lice But Aren’t

First, let’s clear all the misconceptions related to nits as they make the way more complicated to identify whether it is a louse or a bug. 

Most people think that nits can only be found in children. However, lice are also common in animals and pets. Pets such as dogs and cats are likely to be prone to lice and avoid panic.

Undoubtedly, dandruff almost looks like a carbon copy of nits, and most people consider this fact the same and use dandruff and nits interchangeably. The significant difference between dandruff and lice is that dandruff appears white, whereas lice are yellowish. 

Ants, fleas, and bedbugs are some other bugs that look the same as lice, and people frequently mistake them. Inevitably, these minute creatures have many things in common, including size and dark shade that leads to an itchy head. People additionally mix the unsuitability of hair products or dirt with bugs. However, this is not true at all. 

Comb What Do Nits Look Like On Paper Towels?

Follow the steps to see what nits look like on a paper towel.

  • The simplest method to get rid of nits is to comb your hair properly and smoothly with a toothed comb. 
  • It is advisable to properly wipe your comb with the help of a clean and dry soft towel. The comb will ultimately collect every lice particle in your hair; then, you must use a towel to spread lice on the towel surface.
  • Keep your towel under brightness or use sunlight as this will enhance the visibility, and afterward, turn your eyes here and there on the towel’s surface and start your hunt for nits. 
  • They will usually appear as unusually shaped objects of dark color. 

Pro tip: if you are unable to remove nits from your hairs, use a special comb, also known as nit comb, to get nits particles on the surface of the towel. 

What Does Lice Look Like In Hair?

A professional nurse, Faulkner says: “Nits eggs can be only obtained from individual hairs.” 

Lice eggs are rigid and usually get stuck at one side of your hair rather than surrounded by strands. Living lice are gray or brown and placed two-three millimeters from the scalp. These oval-shaped eggs in your hair add an overall tan or faded yellow appearance. Small bits of sand grains can also be noticeable in your hair.

Whereas in adults, lice look extremely small, like an ant, and have almost six legs, with bodies pointing outwards. Although the lice eggs look clear for the first few hours, identifying them in your hair becomes an arduous task. However, if they had their meal after giving you a bite, lice turn red, so there is a high chance that red dots can appear to you sometimes in your hair.

How To Detect Lice In Different Hairs?

Although identifying lice in your hair is a little complicated, it is not entirely impossible if appropriately diagnosed at home. All you need is to be a detective and research correctly. 

You can either take the help of a toothed comb or a magnifying glass to look closely at the hair. Give your undivided attention to the scalp because lice are likely to present in that area. Check the roots of your hairs and sores to suspect lice particles in your hair. 

Early Stage What Does Lice Look Like In Blonde Hair?

In blonde hair, nits may look like specks of pepper or sand on your scalp. Usually, they look like sesame seeds; as stated earlier, lice live on your hair or scalp. Therefore, they cannot run or move fast; all they can do is crawl, nothing else.

The vibration and crawling sound can help you detect lice in your hairs because They can’t even hop off or fly from your scalp. If you have blonde hair, lice eggs can appear a little darker to you, and it will eventually become easy for you to detect them.

What Does Lice Look Like In Dark Hair?

Based on the reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nits can look even darker in your dark hair. Faulkner has also stated that you see the light or faded lice if your hairs are sandy, and you tend to see dark color if you have dark hairs. But there are also possibilities that lighter nits can appear on dark hair. 

What Does Lice Look Like In African American Hair?

Undoubtedly, African or American people can suffer from head lice. The reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly stated that African and American people are less prone to get head lice than other people. The main reason behind this is that most head nits in the USA have claws that can easily grip on uncoiled hairs. 

Pro Tip: The method and approach stay the same for all hair types; there is nothing else you can do. 

How To Treat Nits Or Head Lice?

Well, if you are suffering from nits, you must follow these steps to get rid of your problem:

Wet Hairstyle

It is advisable to use a shampoo and conditioner for your hair and wash them thoroughly if you wish to remove nits from your hair. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you comb them well.

Medical Treatments

In case a wet hairstyle does not work out well for you. Use sprays and lotions to remove nits easily and quickly. You will also require a special comb to do these steps.

A Brush With Hot Air

This treatment is termed the most efficient and successful method to remove nits. You need an electric device, and all you have to do is keep it on for almost 15 minutes; this will ensure the removal of nits from your hair. 


Nits are not any severe disease one needs to be worried about. Yes, though it can result in some itching and sleep disturbance, the appropriate treatment and proper precautions can cure the itchiness in your head faster than you think. Lice often happens in children and appear differently, depending on the texture of your hair. 

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