The 2 Ways To Propose A Customer Service

Solving problems or complaints that arise from customers is, or should be, very important for all cleaning service companies . Good customer service has to respond to its users in a timely manner. But wouldn’t it be better to ensure that stakeholders are happy with the cleaning service before they complain? The answer is always: YES !!

At ELIGROUP we are convinced that a proactive approach to customer service is the reason for having happy customers and this leads to loyal customers.

Proactive Versus Reactive

Proactive cleaning company : It looks for the needs of its clients before they perceive that they need it. It tries to anticipate and satisfy needs, but is also concerned with reducing problems that may occur before they affect the customer in any way.

Customer service in a proactive cleaning company is a longer-term job, always looking to the future and creating ideas and ideas that can anticipate the varying forms and needs of its users.

Reactive cleaning company : its business approach is aimed at solving problems when they arise, trying to minimize the impact that this can have on your business.

The reactive cleaning company addresses the problem when it receives a specific complaint from the customer through an email, call, etc. starts up its mechanism to solve this problem defined by the same client.


This type of customer service supposes a more limited work in time and, with a clear framework of action:

this is the problem = this is the possible solution

Benefits Of The Proactive And Reactive Care Service

Proactive :

The client feels cared for at all times, avoids problems arising with his cleaning service; He trusts that the cleaning service provider thinks of him and tries to help him make his business, his own company, his priority, not the operation of the cleaning staff or their services.

A satisfied customer, who does not waste his time and efforts in controlling, claiming, verifying the services of the professional cleaning company.
As a cleaning company, a framework of trust and professionalism is established with customers that leads to real loyalty.

Reagent :

When a problem arises, the client communicates it and the company reacts to tackle that particular problem, which facilitates the work of customer service by limiting it to a precise fact.

Action = Reaction Problem = Solution


The cleaning control is carried out by the client himself, which minimizes short-term costs for the cleaning company, avoids: face-to-face visits, conducting reviews, etc. assessing the quality and effectiveness of cleaning services according to your appreciation.

Also the evaluation of professional cleaning staff, both regular cleaners and glaziers, technicians, … is carried out by the client himself, reporting their skills, professionalism, etc. mainly, when they are not suitable.

Proactive And Reactive Care Service Problems

Proactive :

The foresight and anticipation work that is carried out is not based on a specific problem with a “standard” solution, but rather requires anticipation, creativity, vision of the future, information and knowledge.

All innovation involves a percentage of trial / error, so it cannot be guaranteed that the proposal is correct at that specific moment.

In specific clients or times, the work and economic effort involved in a proactive approach to customer service in a cleaning company may not be valued enough, but rather an economic factor prevails over the factor of quality and tranquility. at service.

proactive reactive THE CLEANING COMPANY

Reagent :

When the customer service work is based on a problem communicated by the consumer, it does not matter how fast its possible resolution is, because the customer has already had to become aware of the problem, has wasted time communicating it, receiving the explanation and in best case, checking the solution.

It assumes for the client: lost time, internal problems of cleaning service or personnel external to their staff, but who carry out the work in their facilities; explaining and “claiming” a contracted service on one or more occasions, monitoring the possible solution and checking that problem or other problems that may arise over time. In summary:

The Customer Loses Trust In The Cleaning Company

But it also represents serious problems for the cleaning company . The client questions: the way of working, the cleaning or customer service staff themselves and therefore the cleaning company in general.

Another problem with the reactive option is with the cleaning company’s own workers, who receive complaints in one way or another, deteriorating their morale as workers and, placing them in very “uncomfortable” circumstances within their position.

The communication of complaints is always bad, but the most fearsome thing is the call of the “last straw”, an enraged customer who cannot stand the service for another minute; the “today has been the last straw” that gives an ultimatum or a final goodbye.

Leaving the evaluation of the services to the client himself, leads to this type of surprises: errors are continuous, no one is responsible for the correct performance, no person in charge watches the schedules and compliance, … And the client or, well, was unaware of these problems on the part of his own employees or, he did not have time to communicate it or, he simply believed that the cleaning company would monitor and fix them as it is their obligation.

customer loses trust in the cleaning company

From ELIGROUP we think and try every day, that the present and the future of our cleaning company is linked more and more every day in a proactive business attitude , where our client, their comfort and trust are always put in the foreground.

In the next article we will develop the points of the company with a proactive approach towards customer service in which ELIGROUP SERVICIOS DE LIMPIEZA is committed: “Ensuring that problems are resolved before our customers perceive there is a problem”

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