The Christmas Celebration Around The World – How Celebration is Different in Different Countries

The Christmas Celebration Around The World

The Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited events of a year for the Christians and other followers of the religion.

The Christmas celebration marks the arrival of Christmas with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is observed in different countries of the world. Some countries celebrate Christmas on the full moon of the Christmas day and some celebrate it on the Christmas day itself.

The major cities of India such as the cosmopolitan hub of Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, to name some are homes to thousands of Roman Catholics as well. So midnight mass is regarded as a main constituent of the festive Christmas celebration in India.

The other religions also celebrate the festival on the same date on December 24th with much fanfare and joy. Christianity celebrates the festival with a great deal of pomp and show. The customs that surround Christmas celebrations varies from country to country.

The main celebrations associated with Christmas include the decoration of houses, giving gifts to friends and family, exchange of cards and gift and many other things.

In Europe, Christmas is celebrated in different ways. In countries like Spain, France and Italy, Christmas is marked with various kinds of parades. These parades are made up of floats that pass through the streets and display colorful costumes, bells, trees and other items that are associated with the festival.

Kids too get involved in these activities. They make Santa Claus fall in love with them, run around the streets carrying their gifts and run towards their homes. Christmas is marked by other such activities like gift exchanging, feasting, singing and dancing.

Christian communities celebrate Christmas differently as well. While the followers of Christianity tend to celebrate it on a very different scale, the non-Christians also celebrate it in a very large number.

This is because the festival that is celebrated on Dec. 24th draws a lot of revenue for the Christians and a source of income for charity organizations that are formed to spread the word of God all over the world.

This Christmas celebration is even more significant for the Christians because they believe that Jesus Christ had a birthday on that day and therefore, he was born on Christmas Day. It is believed that he could not have celebrated his birthday otherwise, if he were here today.

Christmas has become a very important part of the entire winter season. Different countries have their own traditions and customs associated with Christmas Day. In some countries, people celebrate Christmas on the first or second day of December.

Some others prefer to celebrate it on the fourth or fifth day of Christmas. Some of them even wait for Christmas Day so that they can give Christmas cards to their friends and families.

People give gifts to one another and exchange presents to one another during Christmas. They also spend quality time with each other. On Christmas Day, people generally go out to dinner and stay at home. As a result, most houses are decorated inside and out.

Decorating the house starts before Christmas and continues until late in the night.
Christmas plays an important role in the lives of many people. In fact, it is the main reason for the existence of Christianity.

Even today, it is still practiced as a religion by most of the people. It has its own customs and beliefs and people follow them during the Christmas celebration. Christmas songs are a major part of this celebration. Many people around the world, especially in the Christian communities, love listening to Christmas songs and enjoy dancing to Christmas music.

It is said that Adam and Eve were the first people to celebrate Christmas. From that day, people have celebrated Christmas as per their wishes. Christmas comes during the Winter period and most people wear Christmas clothing most of the times.

This is because Christmas trees are mostly decorated in the winter months. Christmas decorations make up a major part of Christmas celebrations. In fact, Christmas is such a festival that is celebrated globally.

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