Technology Write For Us + Guest Post

Technology Write For Us + Guest Post

We accept guest posts on practically all tech-related topics and other relevant niches, including web development, mobile app development, education technology, technology business, real estate, tech news, stock markets, etc. 

As we allow user-written blogs on our website, you can benefit from being at the top of the page.

We offer every enthusiastic writer who wants to write regularly a fantastic opportunity. We are looking for writers who aim to provide technical knowledge, technology tips, hacks, and related information on our website, which is for all tech fans.

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Different Types of Technology Based On That You Can Write For Us

Mobile Technology Write For Us

Write for Us Mobile App Development

write for us + gadgets

write for us education technology

modern technology blogs write for us

business technology write for us

cloud technology write for us

healthcare technology write for us

“write for us” + information technology

Why Guest Post With Us?

Increasing Traffic

Every web administrator attempts to increase traffic since nothing happens without it. Every time you publish a guest post, you gain traffic and backlinks.

When you generate higher content, the reader becomes interested in your piece and, once interested, reads it for several hours. 

Additionally, he clicks on the pertinent links you added to that article. You receive good traffic to your website when he clicks on such pertinent links because they belong to you.

Your website authority increases when those pieces drive traffic and you attract devoted viewers.

Improve Relationships

Another benefit is having positive interactions with SEO specialists and influencers, which can only happen when you talk to one another.

Every time you submit a guest post, you commend the website owner. He will respond politely if you politely speak to him. You succeed in establishing a positive rapport with such a website owner after speaking with them for some time.

A relationship with the website owner is really beneficial because he will accept your proposal and allow you to write some excellent guest pieces for his blog.

Acquiring Quality Backlinks

Every SEO expert tries to obtain quality backlinks since, without them, it is impossible to increase your website’s authority. You gain strong backlinks whenever you write a guest post for another website.

You gain better ranks and more traffic if you have more backlinks. Everybody is aware that Google favors relevant backlinks over spammy comments and profiles. The most potent backlink is one that is derived from the context of the article.

Growing the Authority of Your Website

When you receive backlinks from relevant and high-authority websites, it becomes effortless to grow the website’s authority. Only with one backlink the authority of your website does not increase. To increase authority, you must obtain lots of backlinks.

Before submitting your pitches, you should also take note of the website’s domain authority, spam score, and page authority. You can secure guest posts and raise your website’s authority if that website’s metrics are appropriate.

Enhanced Google Search Results

Without a doubt, publishing more guest pieces increases your traffic and backlinks. You can surpass your rivals in several keywords when you have more backlinks and stronger ones than they have.

Your website’s rating improves as it receives backlinks. You receive a lot of traffic after ranking for multiple keywords, and as your website becomes more well-known, your entire authority and ranking rise.

Rules and Tips for Publishing – Formatting and Content Guidelines

  • There should be no plagiarism in the content. If the article has already been published somewhere else, don’t submit it because we examine it using tools like Copyscape before publication.
  • Our readers should benefit from our use of simple phrases and thorough information. 
  • The use of long-tail keywords is advised.
  • To offer more value, the content copy should be properly formatted with headers, subheadings, photos, tables, graphs, etc.
  • The content ought to be unique whether you want to write strict technical or topic-based articles.
  • Your writing should be comprehensible, interesting, unique, and instructive.
  • You can also include photos when citing the source.
  • Every image must be original, licensed, or in the public domain.
  • Affiliate and non-promotional links won’t be approved.
  • Articles must be pertinent to the target demographic. We don’t publish categories that aren’t relevant.
  • The ideal content length is 800+ words.

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The Final Verdict 

Send us your good content, and be prepared for the postings to be uploaded. We are confident that using our platform will help you obtain considerable writing experience that will be useful in the future. Don’t waste the opportunity to write.

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