When Should You Start a Blog?

I’d want to speak about when to begin a blog this week. I’ve been getting more organized lately (blog-wise), and the notion has occurred to me many, many times.

Being a stay-at-home mom means my kids come first, always. However, it’s more like they demand it in the worst possible way imaginable.

“How do they DO this?” I’ll occasionally wander while reading an article from someone who has numerous youngsters. Do they have some secrets?

because I often work on various projects. My blog topics change all the time, but my most popular is usually mid-morning (after coffee, since that is very important.)

Because it’s such a new day and parenting two little ones hasn’t yet worn me down, my concentration is much more precise than usual.

Every evening when they go to sleep at around 8:30 p.m.-8:30, I think what a fantastic opportunity it would be to blog, but by then, my thoughts are closing in on themselves, and I want to lay in bed next to my spouse and read a good book.

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