“Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10” Error: Troubleshooting Guide

Solve Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ Error

The place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ is one of the most common errors you can encounter on Mozilla firefox. This error is most likely reported by users who type “t” in the search bar and you will come across this error in certain cases. 

Besides, out of many errors that are encountered and to get a solution, one must understand the backend working of the environment to resolve the error. In this article, we will discuss this error and get it resolved to allow you to enjoy surfing the web. 

When is This Error Usually Encountered?

Many users use search engines like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more. However, there are many users who likely prefer Mozilla Firefox as it gives optimized results. Besides Google becoming a mainstream search engine, there are still people using Mozilla Firefox to get results and surf the internet. 

However, Mozilla Firefox is known to annoy its users with irrelevant search results. The recommendation algorithm on Google works the same but slightly differently on Firefox. For example, when one types “t” on the Mozilla Firefox search bar, you will face this error which can cause confusion and agitation among users. 

Deciphering The Error 

It is indeed an error, but once you decipher this string as a recommendation on the google search result bar, you will understand the meaning behind the line. For instance, type refers to categorization. 

Furthermore, the sort code of 14 refers to the sorting structure for categorically returning results. Besides, the max results refer to the number of search results returned, which in this case is 10. Hence, you get an idea of the meaning of the error and the significance of what it wishes to portray to the search engine user. While Mozilla Firefox is good, it also tends to annoy users. 

Mozilla Firefox’s Behavior 

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading search engine browsers online that made its debut in 2002. Mozilla predominantly ranked at the top compared to Internet explorer, which no longer exists today as it has been discontinued. 

While you have heard great things about Mozilla Firefox, users are quite annoyed in specific situations. When users type “t” they come across a weird error that states the same error you are facing. Besides this, users also feel irritated when the queried results are opened in a new tab. Many options can help mitigate this, allowing you to solve the problem you are facing. 

The Reason for The Error Occurring. 

This error also occurs on Google and is attributed to routine maintenance. The recommendations with the search bar will give recommended keywords. Unfortunately, this error occurs when a user types “t” in such a scenario. Hence, there is no way to disregard the error completely. 

However, you can try deleting the cookies, clearing browser data, or uninstalling your browser and reinstalling it. This will likely provide you with a solution to the error, and you can surf freely on the internet without encountering any errors. However, there are other ways to get rid of this error. 

Another Logical Reason for The Error is Occurring.

When we bookmark a site and give it a name, it does not create an entire folder; however, it still exists in the SQLite database, which is integrated with the browser. 

This creates an intelligent folder, and when you query in the search bar, you get the folder results with only ten maximum results returned. 

This is the technical reasoning for the error that you are facing. Now that you are aware of the possible scenarios for you facing the error, it is time for you to check the different scenarios to resolve the issue. 

Resolving the Error with Four Different Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Uninstall the browser that gives you the error of Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/. You can then reinstall the browser and check if the error persists. 

Scenario 2:

If you don’t wish to uninstall the browser, you have another option of deleting cookies, history, and browsing data on the device from which you are querying in the google search results. You can check this by typing “t” or “p”.

Scenario 3: 

You can install a new browser apart from the one giving the error. For instance, if Firefox is giving you this error, it is time for you to switch to a new browser like Google or DuckDuckGo. 

Scenario 4:

This troubleshooting method is advanced. For this, you will have to change the proxy settings on the browser that is giving you this error. Changing the proxy settings on the browser will likely help you resolve the error that you are facing. 

The Bottom Line 

The error you are facing is not a serious error and is a part of Google’s keyword suggestion. Hence, it is completely up to you whether you choose to resolve the error. You will likely get the situation by trying the solutions mentioned in this article for effective results. Time to get your PC and work on getting rid of this annoying error that has become a barrier to querying online and surfing the internet. 

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