Are You Wondering About The Most Expensive Lego Sets Globally?

most expensive lego set

Lego is not just a toy, but a culture passed down for generations. Kids not only love Lego sets but embrace the wonderland of lego sets. Each release preserves Lego’s authenticity, and the blocks’ interlocking gives a feeling of satisfaction. 

Lego pieces are in high demand, especially among Lego enthusiasts. You can easily fetch up to 4K USD for a Lego pizza piece. Despite Lego being a joyous item to own, it also becomes a great asset. Hence, Lego being an iconic toy, can also be a great asset and not a liability when you buy it. 

Here are Some of The Most Expensive Legos in The World That You Should Own If You are a Fan of Legos. 

1) Star Wars-inspired Legos

The Darth Maul Lego Headpiece is one of the most patient Lego pieces to assemble together. Darth Maul is a character from Star Wars, and if you haven’t watched it, you should watch it. This star wars inspired Lego set contains over 1800 pieces which take patience and concentration to assemble the piece. It takes a lot of time to assemble the pieces; however, it is worth it. The piece in mint condition will cost you thousands of dollars. 

2) Eiffel Tower Lego 

Well, no individual on earth knows anything about the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is not that Lego has shifted its focus from the world of star wars; it also makes great models for one of the world’s seven wonders. The Eiffel Tower Lego is one of the tallest Lego models, which has over three thousand pieces. 

Note of Advice: Since this Lego piece contains over three thousand individual pieces, it can get time-consuming. Therefore, if you are patient, diligent, and have spare time to complete the piece, you should go ahead with this Lego Set. You won’t regret it in the end. 

3) Spaceship Lego 

Isn’t it cool to own a spaceship in the Lego world that roots you in the intergalactic world? Well, the Spaceship Lego Set is one of the most incredible Lego sets. The Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the coolest and the most expensive Lego sets you should add to your collection. The model is 3 meters long and looks out of this world. Again, this mode has 3000 individual pieces, which will take some time to re-assemble. 

4) Dark Knight Limited Edition Set

If you are a Lego fan and are interested in DC comics, then you should add the limited edition Batman Lego set to your collection. The limited edition tag by the lego production has made this piece quite expensive to own. 

The piece was sold mainly at the Sandiego Comic Con in 2005. However, many who purchased it did not hang on to it and became involved in reselling and trading. If you were among the fortunate to grab this model, you would have a profit of 1,700 dollars. 

5) Yoda Lego

The Star Wars Franchise also inspires the Yoda lego. People who love Yoda and Lego have made the model increase in value. This Yoda Lego set is one of the most expensive yet hilarious lego sets. 

In this model, Yoga wears a shirt featuring “I Heart NY” with some funky and cool street prints. When you buy Lego, you pay for the individual pieces, and you know their value once you completely assemble the piece. 

6) Carnival-Inspired Carousel Lego 

The Carousel Lego set is one of the funkiest lego pieces making you reminisce about the carnival. This Lego set is no joke, and it also has over 3K individual lego pieces which can take a lot of time to assemble. 

It is a vast set to build; however, you can easily manage to assemble it. This Lego Set can cost you around three thousand US dollars. It is worth adding it to your collection as you will love this addition. 

7) Legoland Train Set 

The first Legoland Train Set was released in 2014, and you can get it for 2507 USD. However, its initial worth was lower than this. The Legoland Train set has increased its value over the years. Besides, the train set also comes with seven figures in the Lego set, which completes the model. 

The seven figures in the train set are fun, and it completes the Lego set. If you are a fan of trains, then it’s best to go with this Legoland set, one of the most expensive Lego pieces you can come across. 

8) Piper Airplane Lego Set

The Piper Airplane Leo set brought sensation among Lego fans in 2012. The Lego Set also includes an airport and some Minifigures, which are characters of the airport. This lego set can cost you around 4K USD. Hence, those who had purchased it earlier enjoy its value increase.

9) Pizza Piece Lego 

This Pizza piece Lego set was released in 2012. It is said to have been one of the most expensive pizza pieces globally. Hence, it is a popular Lego Set that many people choose to own. This Lego Pizza piece can cost you around four thousand dollars. 

10) Taj Mahal Lego Set 

The Taj Mahal Lego Set has ensured that every detail of its architecture is significantly integrated. Besides this, the Taj Mahal lego is one of the massive Lego sets which takes over six thousand individual pieces to complete the model. 

If you are into the world’s seven wonders, particularly the Taj Mahal Lego Set, then it is time for you to buy it. However, those who had purchased this earlier can get a better deal today. 

The Bottom Line 

Well, Lego has become an asset for those who have purchased it earlier. Its value has increased over the past decade due to its uniqueness and integration with popular franchises. Hence, these days you will find one of the most expensive lego pieces which has jumped its value from its initial release. 

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