Is Tinder Gold Worth It? What are Extra Features I Shall Have?

is tinder gold worth it

If you never had a chance to add a high profile into your deck, nevertheless, you still have the chance to do so. Additionally, it is a golden opportunity for the non-subscribers to get one top-pick profile a day.

An innovative and unique feature that allows you to identify who has liked your profile, Tinder saves your time and allows you to go on dates and have deep, meaningful conversations. 

However, giving almost the same experience to the most active members, yet people wish to upgrade their tinder plans.

If you wish to have an attractive profile and do not have enough time to swipe a lot on Tinder, buying a gold subscription will be a wiser choice unless you know what the special offers and features are.

For the shorthand answer to is tinder gold worth it, then it is a complete diplomatic answer. It is, of course, worth buying for some users, whereas for many, it could be not. Read the article till the end to know the final verdict. 

Why should I Not Buy Tinder Gold?

If you wish to have an attractive profile and do not have enough time to swipe a lot on Tinder, buying a Gold subscription will be a more brilliant choice but Tinder looks the same despite the gold plan. Hence, mostly considered illogical and a waste of money experienced by the active members. 

The new and updated feature of liking the profiles on Tinder that you are likely to like will eventually appear on your deck.

It will be automatically done whenever you see a new profile on your feed. Giving feedback on the profile that you like, even if you are not happy with the results, you can always change your profile based upon the feedback you receive. 

However, working on a tinder gold subscription is a waste of money unless you know about the following new features.

What’s Special is in Tinder’s Gold Subscription?

Swipe Ultimately 

If you have a constant urge to make new friends and run out of the soil and have to wait 12 hours again to use Tinder, then this feature will be a game-changer for you.

The constant habit of making new connections and swiping right or left this feature allows you to swipe multiple connections without any time constraint. 

Access to Hide Age and Location  

Tinder follows your place and unearths customers on your Location primarily based totally on the space settings. However, in case you’re journeying or shifting to a brand new vicinity and need to fulfill pals beforehand, a place extrudes may also make sense. 

To do this, you’ll want Tinder Gold to reposition yourself to a brand new place to let then you swipe as in case you have been in reality withinside the place.

This is an extraordinary characteristic that few apps provide and could allow you to be in more than one location to fulfill new people.

Earn Five Super Likes Each Day 

Providing a signal for a person to know that you are super interested in their profile, it’s a green flag for them to know about you and have a chance to go on a coffee or a very romantic date with you.

Removing the constraint of having one super like by every 12 or now you can have 5 Super likes in every 12 hours and catch the intention of other users.

Check Your Last Swipe. 

If you are tired of seeing a blurred image with the number in the middle that shows that a specific person has liked you. But this irritates you as you cannot get a chance to know their name and contact them, so this feature will be handy for you. 

With the purchase of a gold subscription in real-time, we can see everyone who likes up and get a chance to connect with them without wasting any other second.

It is a great way to accelerate your dating skills and chat on the tinder queue; unlock this feature now with the tinder gold subscription.

Passport to Travel Globally 

With the passport function, you may set your area anywhere you want. This is wonderful in case you are touring a brand new city. Set up a few dates earlier than you travel.

If you want any assistance with openers that can make connections worldwide, whether you’re in America, Europe, or maybe Australia. They get the communique begun out and land you dates. 

Which one will be The Better Choice: Tinder Gold & Tinder Plus?


Almost like Tinder Plus, gold offers only two additional features:

  • Top 10 profile picks.
  • To see who has liked you before wiping it out.

Rest everything ranging from unlimited swipes to 5 super likes. It’s precisely the same as the plus pack and offers nothing more than an extra set of multiple bucks. 

How Much Do I Need to Spend to Get a Gold Tinder Subscription?

The pricing of Tinder Gold isn’t always fixed. It will rely upon your age, place, and the cut-price you’re being offered.

But the same old one-month rate is ready, 30 USD/month. You can get a big bargain if you subscribe for six or 12 months.

It is likewise really well worth evaluating the rate to a Tinder plus subscription as you get the identical functions besides the above referred to with a decreased rate.

Final Verdict

Known for dating and hookup, Tinder was first launched in 2012 and, ever since then, has been one of the most famous dating apps in the world.

From helping you find the soulmate to casual dating, Tinder gold pack should be worth it only if you are not a regular user but want to build up connections with the most attractive and charming profiles.

If you are a regular user, your experience might stay the same, but it will make your profile one of the top likes by unlocking the two most beautiful features: Top picks and seeing who likes you before wiping it out. 

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