Is Bong Water Good for Plants Practically?

is bong water good for plants

Bongwater is used for smokers as it filters out the debris and other toxins from the cigar and cannabis. It also filters cannabinoids like CBD and THC. It also contains leaves that are loose in the cigar and decomposing plant matter, which often suggests that it can be helpful for plants.

Watering plants with bong water is not a good idea and is a very age-old question most people ask. This article will help you answer the question if bone water is suitable for plants and help you make the right decision.

What is Bong Water?

To understand bong water, we need first to understand the meaning of bong. Bong is a smoking equipment that uses water to filter the smoke for the dry hub.

It is used in filtration to remove tar and toxins from the smoke and cool down the smoke to ensure that the small smoke does not affect your throat. The smoke gets filtered through Water.

During the filtration process, water traps ash, debris, and other toxins in the cigar, ensuring that the smokers have a good smoke without affecting their throat—this water results in bong water.

Components of Bong Water

As the bong water is used for the filtration of the cigarette, it will include debris and remains present in the cigarette, including ash, tar, CBD, THC, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, acrylamide, naphthalene, acrylonitrile, and gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Does Bong Water Help Plants Grow?

After the filtration process, you get a bong of water full of debris and brown. As this Water is used for a maximum of two weeks, you think of changing it, but then you find some practical uses of this Water, one of which is pouring it into your plants.

While some stoners may do it intentionally, others may feel that nothing should be wasted out of their smoke and use it for plants.

 Most smokers feel that bone contains decomposing plant matter and can be a good source of many words for plants. Though there can be sound effects of sponge water, research on it is minimal; however, the research on the harmful impacts of bong water on plants is much more.

Bongwater should not be used on plants because marijuana mainly produces harmful toxicants like acrylamide and acrylonitrile end naphthalene which get trapped in the bong water. In addition, as this Water contains a lot of smoke and other dirt particles, it also becomes a home for bacteria and fungi to flourish.

 In addition, with all the toxins and gases, the pH of the bong water reduces and becomes acidic. And if the plant requires a higher pH soil, then this bong water can interfere with the pH levels of the earth. Hence, using it for plants is not recommended. 

Pros of Using Bong Water for Plants

Bongwater helps your lungs filter out all the debris and toxins in the smoke, and it gives you an excellent smooth smoke without getting rough on your throat. Hence, bong water is essential for the smoke filtration process, but once the bong water has resulted, its positive effects keep declining.

Cons of Using Bong Water for Plants

As the bong traps many harmful toxins and substances in the Water, it also contains additional smoke products such as burnt plant particles, debris, and ash. This one kept for extended periods can attract bacteria and fungus to grow on it.

Therefore, bong water should not be used for plants as well as for human consumption. The best way to change your bong water is to dump it directly into the train and not use it for any other purpose.

How much Water do you put in a Bong?

The amount of water you need to put in your bong depends on the size of your bong. If you have a significantly bigger bond with multiple chambers, you need to add enough Water to ensure that all the chambers submerge. Therefore the amount of Water is always proportional to the size of the bong.

More giant bongs require more Water, whereas smaller bongs need less Water. It is also essential to fill the bone correctly because it helps you filter out the harmful toxins in the dry herbs you use for your smoke.

If rightly done, the entire process is highly effective as it makes the inhaling process smoother without debris and dry leaves. Ensure to use only Water and no other liquids as it can affect the process of filtration and, in addition, may not be as effective as plain Water. he

Can you Drink Bong Water?

 Irrespective of your thoughts on the bong water and the piece of information you have come across, using it for human consumption is a ridiculous idea, and it is something you need to do.

If you think drinking bong water will give you a high feeling, just like the smoke, and even if a small amount of bong water will help you get into the mood, you are wrong.

Whether it is a high amount of bong water or a very minute amount of bone water, according to a scientific point of view, it is highly toxic and should not be consumed at any cost.

 As long as used in the filtration process of smoking, the Water contains a lot of debris and other toxicants as also the herb for bacteria to flourish, making it highly unhealthy and risky for you to drink.

Take Home Message

Bong Water is a vital filtration system for your bong and is not usable for plants. Though it contains essential natural plant materials, it also carries harmful toxins, drums, and debris that can kill your plant. Therefore, you should use something other than bong water for your plants. 

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