Yphone Review – Explore New Features With New Models 2022

Yphone Review

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids occupied while at home? Do you want to buy a toy and have something to play with? Well, Cosplay has created a new product called Yphone phone toy, that helps teach children to speak English through a fun learning game!

This product is also suitable for toddlers who love music and toys. And now you can buy this product directly from YPhone Store

A toddler’s love for musical toys is universal. In fact, there are several types of toys that come with educational content designed to teach kids language skills. Yphone has been developed using patented technology to ensure safety and durability.

Each product comes complete with a protective case and charging cable. From the moment they are born, children need stimulation to develop their senses and learn new skills. This is where Yphone comes into play! These devices provide hours of entertainment and learning for toddlers and babies.

How Does It Work?

The Yphone provides easy navigation through games and activities that teach them:

Language –

Teach by playing game shows and learning words.

Music –

Play music from different genres ranging from pop songs to classical piano lessons.

Math –

Learn math facts by counting numbers up to 1000. Use addition and subtraction on different objects like coins, cups, and even blocks.

Numbers and Letters –

Practice writing numbers and teaching children to recognize letters.

Puzzles –

Solve puzzles and find hidden clues.

Colour Recognition –

Test your color recognition skills with this colorful puzzle-based activity.

Memory –

Remember the names of animals, fruits, and food as well as colors and shapes with the help of Yphone’s memory games.

Senses –

Stimulate all five senses with these practical educational games. A great way to get your child’s attention.

It can be used in 3 Ways:

As a phone toy, a stand-alone learning device, or paired with a tablet/laptop via Bluetooth. The perfect solution if you’re short on time but need stimulating activities to fill the day.

Does Cooplay’s Yphone Really Work?

Yes, it really works. It is a proven fact that interacting with electronic devices before 5 years of age will improve cognitive development and help prevent problems such as dyslexia later in life. Yphone has been tested with over 50,000 parents, teachers, and doctors throughout Europe.

It has also been reviewed by several leading parenting websites including Mamaliga where they said “Yphone is one of the best toys we’ve ever come across”.

Pros of Cosplay Yphone

Comes with two primary functions- It comes with two functions; talk function which help them speak English, and plays music function. Your child would use the talk function to read out the instructions for creating ring tones while using the music function to listen to his favorite songs.

Takes little time to set up The best thing about this toy is that it takes very little time to set up. There are no complicated settings or configurations required. All your kid needs to do is download the App and follow the steps mentioned in the instruction manual carefully.

Once setup is completed, this device becomes a fully functional wireless Bluetooth speaker!

The downside is that it only supports Android OS devices!

Good Battery Life-

The battery life of this toy is pretty good. Each charging cycle lasts for approximately 6 hours. It is not quite long enough to meet the requirements of most toddlers though.

Also, once completely charged, it still has over 80% battery power left. That means at least 3 days of continuous listening for kids. If you need to charge it when it runs low, then you better plug it into an AC adapter.

For safety purposes, the batteries should never be removed from the charger during recharging.
Doesn’t require an internet connection- This toy does not require an internet connection to work. You can pair it with your mobile phone without needing to connect any wires to the gadget.

However, you must ensure that both gadgets are connected via Bluetooth 4.0. Even if your phone is paired, it will automatically reconnect to the device every 30 seconds. To prevent accidental disconnection, it provides a blue indicator light.

This makes sure that your kid won’t accidentally lose contact with this toy.

Good Sound Quality-

The sound quality of this toy is rather good for a budget-friendly model. This baby speaker can produce clear sounds even when used indoors. Its speakers are small but strong enough to fill up the whole room.

Even the volume of the audio is adjustable. So as long as you are familiar with adjusting the volume level, you can always get a perfect sound performance.

The Bottom Line

The Cooplay’s Yphone Phone Toy Toddler Mobile Smart Phone Play Music Learning English Educational Ringtone Lighting for Baby Kids Children is the most loved smartphone in the world.

It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive. It’s the perfect device for anyone who wants to do more with their phone.

For kids who love technology and want gadgets like adults, Cosplay phones come pre-loaded with useful features. It comes with a camera so that they can take pictures and send them to their friends.

Besides, if your kid likes taking selfies, then he can do all this plus more right from his wristwatch. There is even an alarm clock feature built into the device along with a flashlight.

This means that instead of having a separate flashlight, your kid can just turn the watch face upside down for the light. Plus, the watch itself is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about keeping it safe in the shower.

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