Green Gobbler Reviews – Does it Really Work ?

Green Gobbler Reviews

Sometimes you may think it’s impossible to get rid of the clogs in your drains. But with a helpful product, that isn’t true!

The Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner can break down all sorts of tough materials like soap residue and mineral buildup – so no matter what is causing your drain to be blocked up, this has got you covered.

Green Gobbler is the most effective household drain cleaner that you can buy. it is also safe for the environment and everything that it is completely biodegradable and washes away down your drain with the water. However, because it is so effective, you cannot use it on your garbage disposal, dishwasher, or shower drains.

You may be wondering what exactly is inside Green Gobbler and why it is so effective. Green Gobbler contains enzymes that break down organic matter. This allows the mixture to remove everything from hair to soap scum.

When we say “all-inclusive,” we mean it too because these come packaged in single use packs which means less waste for our environment.

You’ll also receive 5 hair grabbers when ordering now as well as instructions on how best to open windows while using any strong smelling chemicals such a bleach or ammonia (don’t worry though they’re not included!).

Your shower drain and kitchen sink always become clogged. If you’ve tried all the drain cleaning products that you can buy but nothing seems to work, then maybe it’s time for a different approach?

The Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner is one of those things that has been around for ages- only recently did people start thinking about what was in their drains! What makes this product unique from other cleaners?

First off, there is no need to wear gloves or be overly cautious when pouring liquid cleaner down your pipes because granules are used instead (which means less mess!). You don’t have to measure out any ingredients either: just pour them into the whole package at once and wait until they do their job. See how easy?

Most of the time, a household drain works exactly as designed: hair, grease, food scraps and other substances go in. But clogs can develop over time which results in an unpleasant backup – instead of calling for professional help many people turn to cheap but highly effective chemical solutions like Drano.

For those of you who are looking for the perfect drain cleaner, read our helpful shopping guide. There’s a wide variety when it comes to home-use cleaners and some may work better than others depending on your needs.

We recommend Green Gobbler’s Drain Clog Dissolver which is an environmentally friendly but powerful two-part solution that will dissolve all grease or hair buildup in no time at all!

Considerations When Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

Acidic Vs. Alkaline  Formula

The best ones can’t be found just by poking at a list on their website or looking for an easy-to-read label; you have to read between the lines. A drain cleaner with lye, for instance, might not mention this ingredient because it’s too alkaline and tends to corrode pipes over time if used improperly.

Instead they may use sulphuric acid as its base which is acidic enough that clogs will disappear in minutes but won’t harm your plumbing fixtures All drains occasionally get clogged up by things like hair, soap scum and grease.

Type Of Clog

For organic substances, an acid-based drain cleaner uses a process called acid hydrolysis to chemically dissolve the gunk in your pipes. If you’ve got more of an issue with other kinds of materials that have combined together into solids or sludge then it might be best to use something slower acting than this type of chemical treatment; instead go for one made from alkaline ingredients specifically designed for those types pf blockages.

A slow draining sink is usually not caused by too much food waste stuck on the bottom – most often they are due to fats such as oils building up over time inside the pipe walls which can eventually lead them being completely blocked Some drain cleaners are designed to address many different types of clogs, from paper to organic solids.

Liquid-Based Or Gel?

That is the question! Some users believe that a liquid cleaner does more thorough work than one made as a gel in breaking down and clearing away any type of clog found within your drains.

Yet others find it takes longer for gels to penetrate the thicknesses of some materials which can be left behind when not fully cleared out by an acid-base formula. But what about you?

What do YOU think should go into picking just one kind at all times–liquid OR gel? A liquid drain cleaner is a good option for quickly reaching and penetrating clogs, but it doesn’t spend as much time in contact with the materials.

Environmental Safety

Both types are viewed as equally effective, though elapsed time can be an issue. You might think that you’re being green by switching over to an environmentally friendly enzymatic action, but the truth is they act a lot slower than acidic or alkaline formulas.

Children should never be anywhere near the drain during treatment and it needs to have been flushed thoroughly with water before anyone goes near again. There are a variety of different types and prices for drain cleaners, but the more specialized ones seem to be best suited in most homes.


A simple $15-$25 bottle will suffice for many homeowners looking to clean their kitchen or bathroom sinks without any special needs. For those that have tougher clogs from grease buildup, dirt accumulation under the sink trap-ways, or other issues related with high level use over time then you might want an industrial strength cleaner instead which can cost anywhere between $30 -$50 depending on how much power is needed

Green Gobbler Pros And Cons


The Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner is a truly innovative clog remover that can be used in toilets.

Unlike other products, the granules are already divided into single-use packs and also come with five hair grabbers for you to get an easier grip while removing stubborn hairs from your drain or pipe!

Not only will it break down flushable baby wipes, soap residue, and mineral buildup but because its form is not corrosive liquid like many others on the market today – there’s no worry about splashing around when using this product.


Open your windows when you use this drain opener or the resulting odor will be unbearable.


With the appearance of green gobbler drain cleaner, it has become very popular. In fact, there are many questions regarding the green gobbler drain cleaner. For example, will it cause any harm to our body? Is it completely safe? Besides its appearance is very similar to other kinds of drain cleaner, so how to know the difference? Is the green gobbler drain cleaner really safe to be used?

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