6 Fundamentals Of The Cleaning Company With Satisfied Customers

Solving problems before they arise ensures a highly satisfied customer. Although no company can guarantee that you will never have a complaint, these can be minimized if we carry out customer service with proactive processes, where the main priority is the customer, their well-being and satisfaction. At ELIGROUP we think that it is always better to adopt that proactive and anticipatory approach in relation to what our clients may need.

These are the strengths of a cleaning services company to be proactive and have our customers satisfied:

1. Quality Control:

All the procedures that we carry out in our company are directed towards a global quality control: personnel, systems, products, machinery, etc.

The constant elevation of our quality standards, they are the transversal and essential vector for any new hiring, it must always exceed the previous level one after another.

2. Training Evaluation:

The training of professional cleaning personnel, as well as customer service or administrative personnel, must be directed towards the search for “perfection” in the development of each of the tasks.

Training at the level of work techniques, occupational risk prevention, ergonomics, machinery and a long etcetera, is developed in several fundamental steps:

  • External training by qualified companies at the initial moment of hiring: techniques, prevention, …
  • Internal training of information and adaptation about the company itself, its organization chart, the products used, the company’s policy, etc. also at the beginning of the employment relationship.
  • Specific training courses on machinery, special jobs, internal job promotion.
  • Recycling of personnel in whom a doubt or failure has arisen in carrying out their tasks.
  • The incorporation of new work methods or products also requires specific training / information for their correct incorporation.

Also as a service company, and specifically cleaning services, we must educate all workers, regardless of their position, that Customer Service is essential in the development of our work, and therefore we must all have as main goal, that satisfaction.

3. Encourage the opinion and comments of workers:

A professional cleaning company develops its work in the facilities of each of the clients, our staff is dispersed in one or more work centers and therefore they are the “eyes of the company” those who, in situ, know before no one the customer’s needs and those who can anticipate any possible problem.

We must therefore take advantage of this direct source of knowledge and trust the good judgment of our workers and collaborators, making them share that their opinion and wisdom is highly appreciated and necessary in our joint work. Encouraging communication within the company will only lead us to do a better job.

4. Request customer feedback:

The client is the fundamental piece of our work as a cleaning company , all our efforts, training, studies, in short, work, is based on giving an exemplary service and trust to our clients. +

For this reason it is very important that the feedback with the company is fluid, that the comments, ideas, positions of our clients are encouraged, requested and pleasantly received. It is they who know or feel their needs and we, as a professional cleaning company, who know how to satisfy them.

5. Evaluate all parameters and reach quality conclusions:

With all these data obtained from customers, cleaning staff, technical staff, courses, suppliers, technical advisors, etc. We already have all the ingredients to be able to make the right decisions in each aspect of our work.

The methodical collection of data, of the information that reaches us through multiple internal and external channels, all of this should give us a clear idea of ​​where we are and where we should go.

The evaluation of these parameters must be carried out in a clear, objective and calm way, since sometimes they will be to our liking, but sometimes not. We must know that the positive data reinforces our work, and that the negative ones lead us towards a possible solution. And both are good for reinforcing the attention to customer and staff service in our company.

6. Implement the new strategies:

Once the situation in which our company is at a specific moment has been compiled, analyzed and evaluated, it is time to propose new strategies or to reinforce those that are yielding positive results.

These new tactics can revolve around improving existing ones either due to specific problems detected, or else in raising the quality parameters that we are going to demand of ourselves as a company.

We may also see other market or service niches that until now we had not valued, even that did not exist, and in which we see a good possibility of development, of giving our current or future clients a previous solution to a problem.

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