How to Fix The err_ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome?

How to Fix The err_ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome?

Are you getting a ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome? The SSL version interference error is an issue where your browser will not allow you to access certain websites because it thinks they are insecure.

This happens when your browser does not support the latest encryption protocols and cannot communicate with the website properly. It can be fixed by updating your system to the latest version of OpenSSL.

You can do this in one of two ways, depending on your operating system.

It can be difficult to resolve, but we have got some tips that might help! You should first try clearing your cache and cookies from Chrome. If this doesn’t work, you may need to reset your browser settings or uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

We also recommend checking for updates on any other software running on your computer that could cause conflicts with the SSL certificates.

For example, if you have Java installed, it might be causing issues with how secure connections are handled in Chrome. There are many more ways to resolve this issue. Let’s have a look below to know everything about this error in detail.

What is err_ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome?

This error is a security warning that appears when your browser can’t connect securely to the website. It means that the SSL certificate of the site has expired or is not valid, and this may be due to an outdated version of TLS/SSL.

The best way to fix it is by updating your browser software and restarting it. If you don’t want to update your browser, we recommend using another web browser like Firefox or Safari.

Causes of err_ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome

Error code err_ssl_version_interference occurs due to improper SSL version configuration settings on the Windows system. The error message indicates that there is an issue with the connection between the client browser and the server.

Err_ssl_version_interference may lead to issues such as “Web page has expired” or “Server returned HTTP 403 – Forbidden” error messages.

The error is triggered when a user accesses a website via HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. Hence, if a site requires the use of HTTPS protocol, it should be configured accordingly.

Have a look at some of the more possible causes of this issue.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes for this error below!

1) Your internet connection might be slow
2) You may need to update your browser
3) Your antivirus software may cause issues
4) The website you are trying to access has been hacked
5) You have an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player installed 6) Your DNS settings aren’t working properly
7) You’re using an older version of Windows 8/8.1
8) You haven’t updated Google Chrome in a while
9) A third-party program is interfering with the site
10) An extension or add-on is causing problems

How to Fix the err_ssl_version_interference Error on Chrome?

Update Your Operating System (OS)

The first thing you should do if you’re experiencing this issue is to make sure your OS is up-to-date with all available updates installed. Go to Settings > About Phone/Tablet > System Updates and tap Check for Updates to update your OS.

If an update exists, follow the prompts until it has been successfully installed onto your device. Once completed, restart your phone or tablet and then attempt to visit any website using Google Chrome again!

Clear Cache & Cookies

Next, clear out all cached data from Google Chrome by going into Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data and selecting Cached Images & Files under “Clear browsing data” at the bottom of the screen; then select the CLEAR DATA button at the top right corner of the screen.

After clearing cache & cookies from Google Chrome browser, close down entirely before opening back up again time attempt visiting any site within chrome browser window after doing these steps above method two-step number three will be made next.

Turn off All Other Programs.

The program might be crashing for some reason. So just turn off every other program running on your device. That includes antivirus software, any browser extensions, any background updater apps, etc.

Remove SSL Certificate Exceptions from Chrome’s Settings

If you have installed more than one SSL certificate on your computer or mobile device, it is likely that some of them may be interfering with each other. You will find a list of websites where you can add and remove SSL certificate exceptions.

Simply delete or add the website names in the list one by one until you no longer receive the Err_ssl_version_interference error. Method 2: Reset Chrome’s SSL Certificates
Click the Clear button next to the “Err_SSL_Version_Interference” warning message.

Disable HSTS

In addition to removing SSL certifications, you also need to disable the HTTP Strict Transport Security protocol that is causing SSL errors. To do so, you should open the Advanced tab. Then select Network.

Click on the HTTPS checkbox under Connection info. Then uncheck the box marked Require encryption. This step is essential for preventing future SSL-related problems.

Use Different Browser

It is quite common for users to keep switching between different browsers due to the numerous benefits. For example, Firefox provides easy access to the most up-to-date news, whereas Google Chrome allows you to bookmark your favorite websites easily.

There could be many reasons why you use multiple browsers. Therefore, you must try changing browsers to see whether the error still persists.

Upgrade Your Computer Hardware

Some computers come with outdated hardware components. They may not be compatible with the latest versions, and this could lead to issues like Err_ssl_version_interference. Thus upgrading your system may help improve these types of errors.

It is good to know that Windows 7 offers a free upgrade for its existing users. But if you are running an older version, you may want to consider purchasing the newer model. You can also look for third-party tools that will assist you in updating your machine.

The Bottom Line

Have you been getting the err_ssl_version_interference error on Chrome? This is a common problem that many people have been experiencing lately. If you’re seeing this error, it means your browser isn’t compatible with the website you are trying to visit.

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this issue! You can try updating your browser or switching browsers entirely. We also recommend making sure that your computer and internet connection aren’t having any issues as well! Our article has all the information about how to fix this problem.

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