How To Fix Error: Error:0308010c:Digital Envelope Routines::Unsupported? 

fix error: error:0308010c:digital envelope routines::unsupported

It gets pretty annoying when you are trying to figure out a code, and it bounces back with errors. Whether you understand the error well or try multiple attempts to get a solution, the process is tedious and slow but immensely rewarding. Once you figure out the fix on your own, you feel pretty satisfied with your efforts, and you get your “Eureka” moment. 

Programming demands a ton of your time and energy, especially if you are starting out or moving to a new environment. However, remember to breathe, sit back, and accept no one is perfect in getting the code right, but those who learn from their mistakes will move forward. Keeping this advice aside, it is time to figure out the error:0308010c: digital envelope routines::unsupported and give you a fix. 

How does the Error take Place?

The 0308010C error takes place when you try creating a react application with the help of Node.JS V17 and above. It is most likely to occur if you are using the [email protected] version. Furthermore, the error can also happen when the necessary functions are not installed while running the deployment server, particularly not installing the open SSL legacy provider.

Many stack overflow programmers mentioned returning to Node.JS version 16 resolved the error. The upgrades on Node.JS are showing backward compatibility making it challenging to move forward. As a programmer, you need to stay with the trend and keep yourself updated by checking our blogs, forums, and magazines for the latest updates. 

How to Fix Error 0308010c?

The easiest fix given to resolve the error is by dialing down your version of Jode.JS to anything before V17. This was the quickest fix and can be done instantly. However, changing your environment again will demand migration and other steps that will delay your deadlines. Hence, act accordingly. 

Well, you shouldn’t be satisfied with only one answer; you can take a look at various perspectives of resolving the problem. Every key has a uniqueness to it and box thinking, which has given rise to practical answers to the error that you are facing. However, besides this, there are also three different solutions that you can try out to fix Error 0308010c on Node. JS. 

Take A Look at These Three Solutions; 

Solution 1: Downgrade Node.js version to 16

Depending on your environment, you should downgrade your node.js version to 16, especially if it runs via nvm. You can run the command nvm install 16 and try running the same code in this new environment. The 16 in the command line is specified as the version number.

However, it would help if you remembered that while downgrading the version, you should ensure that the lower versions are listed under active maintenance status or LTS. If it is discontinued, it isn’t worth continuing in that environment as your code will not be compatible. Hence, you should factor these aspects into installing a lower version of node.js. 

Solution 2: Pass the Web Flag with –OpenSSL-legacy-provide 

The –OpenSSL-legacy-provide works wonders as it does the job of reverting to the OpenSSL legacy provider in the 3.0 version. Hence, legacy allows the creation of cryptographic algorithms like MD4 and allows running tools like Webpack. 

It is worth checking out! You can check out the following commands to use this as a resolution to the error you are facing. For instance, react scripts “–OpenSSL-legacy-provider start” and “vue-cli-service –OpenSSL-legacy-provider serve” fix the issue on Create React applications and vue applications, respectively. Hence, the error that you are facing can be resolved without downgrading your Node.js version if that isn’t what you want.

Solution 3: Monkey Patches as a Fix to Dependencies 

There are three files spanning two dependencies for the previous version of Create React App project that utilizes react-script v4.0.3 to generate hashes. The current one is V 5.0. When these files are patched successfully, Create React App is able to run without any issues or error flags. 

The patches are meant for all files that use cryptographic algorithms. You can do a quick search to find these files by running the command “crypto.createHash(“md4″),” and you are returned with the files. The patches will fix these files. Hence, your error will be resolved. However, don’t forget to use the patches via the patch package, as reinstalling dependencies can be avoided. 

Outgoing Thoughts 

It is understandable that it can get quite frustrating when you are only starting to code or have a deadline to meet. These fixes are recommended and allow you to cope with your errors and get a successful compilation of your code. Hence, if you are out of options like this situation, you can always copy-paste the error string and paste it into the Google search engine. 

By querying online, you will definitely find a solution to the problem that you are facing. However, keep in mind that you should also check out other sites for references and better understand the fix. Reading various articles gives you insights from multiple perspectives and broadens your horizon. 

While querying online is considered to be a last resort, you should understand that there is a good reason for it. If you start relying on Google for everything you don’t know, it will make you entirely dependent on it. There will come a time when you won’t be able to do anything without the assistance of Google.

To grow as a developer, you must try to be independent and self-sufficient with your knowledge. Therefore, use Google only as a last resort if you cannot figure out the error on your own. Happy Coding!

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