Factory Wiring Harness Ford Radio Wire Harness Color Codes

Factory Wiring Harness Ford Radio Wire Harness Color Codes

You can get quite annoyed and confused when you open a switchboard or any other item with multiple wires. It becomes a challenging task to make the right connections.

It is impossible to make the right connections or check for existing ones if it is not managed or an organization chart doesn’t exist.

The same applies to the factory wiring harness. However, the switchboard has color-coded wires, allowing you to check connections quickly. Hence, you can navigate well through the wireframe. 

What is Color Coding in Wires?

Did you come across wires that have a specific color? Each color in a wire represents a specific function or value. For instance, resistors are color coded to particular matters which are readable.

On the other hand, circuits or switchboards use color-coded wires that help you guide through the wiring functions. These color-coded functions are standardized, making them acceptable internationally.

Hence, national standards are also maintained, allowing you to identify and fix the issue immediately, provided you know the root cause. It becomes a great asset to those who troubleshoot the wireframe in the vehicle. 

The Different Functions of The Wires in Radio Wire Harness

As mentioned previously, it is essential that you know the various functions of the wire in the harness, making it easier to install the ford radio. Here are some of the functionalities of the wire that you need to be aware of in the wire harness. Take a look at it!

1) Power Wire 

Well, anything that is red is often considered a power wire. The red color indicates caution, and one should beware while touching it. However, there are three power wires that you need to check out carefully.

These include red, yellow, and orange. The yellow power wire is a 12V voltage supply, while the orange goes to the light output. Lastly, the red one is meant for attachments. 

2) Amplification & Antenna Wire for Establishing Connection 

The Antenna of the radio that interprets signals is connected to a blue wire. If you notice a connection problem, then you should first check the blue wire for connection.

You can simply tighten the blue wire and get a successful connection with the radio station. On the other hand, a blue wire with white stripes is connected to amplify the signal and boost the sound. 

3) Output for Speakers

The Speakers are the crucial component of the radio wireframe. It directly impacts the functioning of the radio on which you rely for music, news, advertisements, and, more importantly, carry signals across various electronic devices.

There are four wire connections for the speakers. These include gray with black stripes, white, purple, and green. The gray with white stripe wires are responsible for the right front speaker connection.

On the other hand, the white wire is responsible for the left front speaker connection. The purple and green wire connects the rear of the right and left speaker, respectively. 

4) Ground Wire 

The Ground wire is responsible for the positive voltage supply. It is a wire connection for the functioning of the radio wireframe. It is represented with a black colored wire.

This is the most common wire, running throughout the cable and connecting every functioning wire. Hence, Black wires are crucial in the wireframe.

This impacts the overall flow of electricity in the radio, establishes a connection with the power supply, and generates a potential difference. 

Tips to Locate the Wiring Harness Rightly

Well, it isn’t rocket science to find the right factory wire harness. It is simple, provided you know what you are looking for out of multiple products available. It would help to consider certain aspects while locating the correct wire harness. Here are some of the tips to find the right wire harness. Take a quick look at it! 

1) The Model of Your Car 

Your car model can make an influencing factor in finding the right wire harness. Some cars integrate well with universal wire harnesses; however, some don’t. Hence, it is crucial that you know about it firsthand before deciding to buy a wire harness. 

2) Car Brand 

Choosing the right wire harness will impact the success of the radio replacement. It is crucial that you first check its compatibility with your car brand. Some brands are pretty stringent about these things. You can also take consultations from professionals. 

3) Know the Wiring Harness Type

There are two types of wire harnesses; you need to know what you are buying. For instance, the two types include aftermarket wire harnesses and original factory wire harnesses.

The name of the former speaks for itself, while the latter is the wire harness initially manufactured by the car company. Hence, you must know this before choosing the correct wire harness. 

4) And More 

You need to consider other factors while buying a wire harness. This includes knowing if the wire harness color code follows industrial standards.

Some cheaper quality ones will have the color code hardwired making it challenging to connect correctly. You can easily cross-check this by checking if it includes the colors mentioned in this article. 

The Bottom Line 

You should familiarize yourself with the wire harness’s color-coded functions. This makes it easier to let go of the previous radio and comfortably install the new one. You don’t need to resort to the help of an engineer. The new radio can be installed without hiccups, provided you are familiar with the color codes. 

Besides, it would help if you never forgot that the connection on both ends needs to be correct, as this will ensure the smooth functioning of the ford radio. Hence, it is best to cross-check the connection with a calm mind and then test it out. 

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