Check Engine Light Flashing and Car Shaking – Reasons & Solutions

check engine light flashing and car shaking

Whenever the dreaded check engine light turns on, you may skip a beat because it’s a severe issue calling for action. In addition, If the light starts flashing and the car begins to shake, it is a more severe problem that requires instant attention. You likely want to find the cause of this problem and the right way to address it. 

Why Is Your Car Engine Light Flashing And your Car Shaking

The Ignition System Problem

Issues related to the spark plugs are the main reasons for your car engine light flashing and the car shaking. The most common cause is damaged or broken spark plugs resulting from irregular mechanic checks and routine maintenance.

In addition, there can be problems related to the battery system and the ignition coils. The ignition coils cause the conversion of volts to ignite the air-fuel mixture. A malfunctioned ignition coil can be a reason for car shaking. 

Problems Related to The Engine

Engine problems are many, and one of them is an increased temperature that causes engine overheating. In addition, there can also be a cylinder gasket failure which can cause the engine oil to seep into this gasket.

For severe damage, the engine oil can completely spill on the cylinder, leading to wear to the engine. As the spill will cause the cylinder to not function, they will not be able to pump adequate pressure causing the check engine light to blink and the car to shake. 

The Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensor controls the oxygen level in control in the exhaust system. This allows the system to adjust the air and the fuel mixture. If there is an issue with the sensors, the car uses more fuel than expected. As a result, car emissions result in an excess release of pollutants that distaste the check engine lights to flash. 

The Fuel System

Whenever there is an issue with the fuel system, an incorrect message is sent to the ECU system, which senses and receives erroneous information. The engine gets more fuel or less fuel if the fuel’s throttle position or air intake is affected. There can also be leakage to the fuel system, and the fuel seeps into the areas surrounding the engine. 

4 Ways To Fix This Problem

Take Your Car To Your Regular Dealer And Get The Issue Diagnosed Immediately.

Apart from problems related to the parts of the car, there can be problems associated with the automobile’s computer system, such as updating the software which transmits faulty signals or damaged hardware that gives your false notifications. Such issues can be solved only near the dealer, who will diagnose the entire problem for you. 

Get Your Own OBD-II Scanner To Ensure The Reason Behind This Issue.

Getting your own OBD-II scanner saves time and money in analyzing the problem. It also reduces the heavy dependence on appointments to dealers and mechanics to get your problem sorted. While some may find these scanners expensive, multiple brands available in the market meet the basic requirements. 

Repair The Part Facing The Problem, Such as The Fuel System or The Engine.

The most common problems arise in the coil pack, spark plugs, vacuum, fuel injectors, lifters, mass airflow sensors, crankshaft sensors, wires, connectors, exhaust gas recirculation valves, and secondary air injectors that can cause the car blinking phase. These parts must be repaired if damaged or changed or if they fail entirely or are burnt. 

Routine Check with a Knowledgeable Mechanic to Ensure the 100% Functioning of Your Car.

There can be endless reasons why your engine can sense faults, and there can also be misfires that can cause the check engine light to flash and the car to shake. Consulting a knowledgeable mechanic is essential to find the root of this issue. 


  • Why is My Car Shaking and The Check Light Blinking?

The car shaking and check light blinking can be due to ignition, air-fuel, engine, sensor, wiring, emission, and computer-related problems. 

  • Why is The Car Shaking a Sign of Misfire?

The most typical indication of a misfire is the car shaking. This problem should be diagnosed immediately to perform the functions of the vehicle.

  • Can I Drive When My Car’s Check Light is Flashing, and The Car is Shaking?

If you experience this issue, refrain from driving, as these signs indicate that your car has a severe misfire problem and can damage the catalytic converters causing you to cost a heavy price if you overlook this issue.

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