How To Fix Uncaught Typeerror Cannot Set Property Innerhtml of Null

cannot set property innerhtml of null

The “uncaught typeerror cannot set property innerhtml of null” is the outcome only if you specify an invalid element with the innerHTML method or place the script before an element appears. 

Undoubtedly, the inner HTML property aids in setting a web element content using JavaScript, but cannot set property ‘innerhtml’ of null type error means applying function/ property to a value that doesn’t support function/ property. Therefore, this results in setting the value of innerhtml on an element to null, defining no value exists. 

Script tags should always be placed before closing the body or at the bottom of the HTML file. This will aid in page loading written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Two Common Causes For Uncaught Typeerror Cannot Set Property ‘innerhtml’ Of Null: 

  • Mentioning wrong element ID
  • Presenting a script prior to an element, it displays on the web page.

The errors can be fixed quickly if the javascript code is executed correctly once the entire web page has been loaded and refreshed. To gain better clarity for cannot set property ‘innerhtml’ of null, look at the example below:

The following code displays the time through basic HTML Coding. Therefore, it is following the basic HTML structure: <head> and <body> tags. 














However, to replace the prior content with the current date and time, the <span> tag is used in Javascript soon after the <Title> tag, which is included in the <head> tag of HTML coding. 

Here’s the sample of the new updated code:

Breakdown of the code:

Var denotes the variable data type  

getElementById(), is used to retrieve the show_time <span> tag. Then use the JavaScript Date module to get the current date.

Moving onto the following line, create a string to display the current hour and the minute of the day, following the basic time format. Although you can change this based on your preference, But for convenience, we have kept it like HH: MM.

Note: The colon separates the hour and minute values and denotes it as a string data type that can be used in interpolation in Javascript. This technique will further enable you to embed multiple values into the exact string and can also work as an array. 

Additionally, the effective utilization of the innerHTML method to display the current time on the web page will generate a similar output:

The time is: 

In case the webpage is unable to comprehend the time. The uncaught typeerror cannot set property innerhtml of null or cannot set property ‘innerhtml’ of null to be displayed on the screen, stating that the value has been reset to null, depicting it as empty. 

What should I do Now? Method To Fix?

If you pay more attention to the above code, you will realize that show_time does not contain any value, depicted as a null. Therefore, to avoid the cannot set property innerhtml error, inferring with JavScript will successfully retrieve elements to ID in show_time. 

Note:This situation occurred because you had placed the <script> tag too early into the HTML coding, inside the <title> tag, within the <head> tag.

Once the cause has been identified, place the <script> tag at its appropriate position, i.e., inside the body tag. Moreover, the error’s root cause is the lack of using an onload() function. Therefore, select the required elements and place them before playing the <script> tag into the body. 

For a better and more comprehensive understanding, look at the appropriate coding below:

Using the above code, here’s the desired output:

Though earlier there was an error and a blank space after the “The time is,” now the webpage shows the exact time in the designated format in HH: MM. 

However, even after placing the <script> tag inside the <body>, you encounter an error, then make sure to select the appropriate element to operate on in your code. For example, consider the following lines of code:

If you use this line of code to select an element, you will see the same error that occurred before. This is because there is no element with the ID “show_times.”


The uncaught typeerror: cannot set property innerHTMLof null is caused by two potential causes, and it clearly states that no value has been stored in the property or function. Therefore, the error can be fixed by using the <script> tag within the <title> tag inside the <head> tag. If adding the <script> tag doesn’t resolve the issue, add the valid element to the program and execute it. It will certainly bring the desired changes. 

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