Can You Donate Plasma If You Smoke Weed? Harmful Plasma Receivers?

can you donate plasma if you smoke weed

Do you wish to maintain your blood pressure and ph balance? Well, plasma is the most required component, to help in handling the supply chains of the body. A body is unhealthy if it does not have the proper amount of protein in its diet and undoubtedly, proteins are the building blocks of the body.

With the help of adequate plasma, protein reaches every bit of the body. But here comes the catch, even though if you smoke weed, you are allowed to donate blood, there are certain things you will need to answer before doing that. Do not worry at all, if you have some more questions arising in your mind, we have answered everything below in the article.

Can You Smoke Weed And Donate Plasma? 

Yes, you can give blood if you smoke. However, there are certain requirements that you need to match before donating plasma. 

  • Make sure you are above 18 years to become eligible for donating plasma.  
  • Documents such as a photo id and proof of your residential address are required.
  • The weight of the blood donor should be at least 50 kilograms(110 pounds)
  • To donate plasma, You will need to clear a medical examination. 
  • You must be non-reactive to viruses such as hepatitis and human immunodeficiency viruses.
  • You will also need to provide your pre-medical history, for being a verified plasma donor.

What Can Disqualify You From Donating Plasma?

Even though, if you smoke weed constantly, you don’t get disqualified from donating plasma until and unless they use of weed damages or impairs your internal functions, such as memory along with comprehension power. According to the red cross-agency of America, smoking weed does not eliminate you from being a blood donor. But yes, if you consume drugs that are illicit and drink alcohol, you cannot be a potential donor.

Here’s a full-fledged list of factors that can disqualify you from donating plasma:

  • Drug injections are totally against the law and must not be used. Moreover, taking harmful steroids like a drug injection is not recommended by doctors. 
  • In case you are suffering from acute or chronic illness there are high possibilities that you might get disqualified.
  • Pregnant women, who recently had newborns, are not suggested to donate blood.
  • In case, you had a tattoo on your body or had a piercing, then plasma donation is probably not for you. 
  • You are eliminated if you had donated an organ recently.
  • Tested positive for Human immunodeficiency virus infection or has or had been suffering from several diseases such as blood cancer and lymphoma, contacted with ebola virus, or suffering from malaria then you must avoid donating the plasma. 
  • If you are gay and had sexual contact with a man, you are prohibited from donating plasma.
  • In case you have an iron deficiency in your body, it will be better to not donate plasma. 

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

THC is a major chemical component present in cannabis. Going through the drug testing process will find metabolites such as THC that stay in the system for a longer period. It also depends on your ingestion or consumption of weed. Some of the methods, to detect cannabis consumption are mentioned below:

Urine Method 

To detect weed components in your body, one of the common methods is the urine method. Here are the reports of the urine method:

  •  If you use it a single time, it usually lasts for around 3 days, not more than that.
  • In case, your usage of weed is moderate, for example around 4 days in a single week. It will take 5-7 days to vanish out of your system.
  • Daily usage can be very hazardous for you and it would require 10 days which is the minimum in fact to get out of your body. whereas, the maximum is 15 days.
  • Numerous times a day can even take more than 30 days, so you must get your addiction in control.

Blood Method

Blood is the second most common method used by various doctors to detect the consumption of cannabis. Some of the common results in people are:

  • To identify weed usage, the Blood test method will require at least 2 hours and 12 hours maximum, to find out whether the drugs are taken or not. But in the majority of cases, if the usage of the person is excessively high, the weed can be detected anytime in a month as chronic usage increases the length of duration. So ultimately, it becomes easier to detect.

Saliva Testing

Weed or oral fluid can be easily detected frequently in smokers, mostly after 3 days of its use. Smoking weed enters into your saliva and saliva contains some metabolism in it. Hence, to test cannabis, Saliva testing is the shortest method. Additionally, weed consumption can also be discovered within the same day. 

Testing Via Hair 

If you go by the hair testing method, you will find out that after consuming weed, weed particles reach hair follicles through blood vessels. Hair grows about 0.5 inches every 30 days, so it would take a scalp to provide you with all the data regarding the smoking of weed.


To maintain the proper functioning of the body, plasma is a crucial component that should be in adequate amounts to boost the immune system of the body. There are various requirements that you should keep in your mind while donating plasma. Even though, if you smoke weed you don’t get eliminated from donating plasma. Moreover, several methods are available nowadays, to check if the weed particles are in your system or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Weed Be Detected In A Regular Blood Test?

It’s kinda impossible that weed will appear in your blood test reports because THC is present in cannabis. This component is difficult to detect in some regular blood tests. But by chance, if the doctor will find some uncommon symptoms in your system, they will suggest you undergo a full-body check.

Can You Donate Plasma If You Smoke Cigarettes?

Yes, people who smoke cigarettes can definitely donate plasma. But do keep this in mind, do not smoke cigarettes on the day of plasma donation because smoking before as it can result in some serious issues, and a sudden increase in your blood pressure.

Can I Donate Blood If I Drank Alcohol In The Last 24 Hours?

Usually, alcohol stays 24 to 28 hours in the body. It also depends on how much you have drank in the last 24 hours because this will determine the duration of alcohol remaining in the body. Donating blood straight after drinking alcohol can be harmful to the plasma receiver because there are various injurious particles present in the body of the donor that transfer to the body of the receiver

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