Can People With Tattoos Go To Heaven? Is Tattoo A Sin?

can people with tattoos go to heaven

Since the beginning of the 20th century or during 1970, tattoos started getting more popular and soon emerged as a new status symbol incorporating the modern lifestyle. Whether it’s celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Anjelina Jolly orHarry Style or middle-class people, everyone is fond of tattoos these days. And why won’t be? It looks extremely stylish and cool. 

Tattoos are basically used to express feelings, goals, and the significance of your identity. But can we go to heaven with tattoos? Do they also have an iniquitous side like is it a sin to get a tattoo? 

Well, a way to heaven doesn’t get blocked by having some tattoo on your body, if you believe this, you can certainly get your hands-on all the gods all the heavens are within your tattoo clearly stating that everything lies inside the man whether it is boon or curse solely depends on the person’s deed. Then why do people not prefer getting tattoos?  

All these questions and other questions arising in your mind have been answered within the article, hence, you must read this till the end. 

Is Getting A Tattoo A Sin?

Most Christians think that tattoos nowadays are harmless if your intentions are pure and you don’t wish to come in contact with the mourning rituals of pagans. Nevertheless, there are also Christians who believe that it is not good to have tattoos on the body and they are worldly or unholy.

Undoubtedly tattoos are not evil and numerous people take them as these Godless elements. Even though you have some tattoo artists, you don’t need to worry because practically you are not committing any sin.

Therefore, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of a tattoo and its meaning along with finding where in the bible does it talk about tattoos? Are they really misconceptions or these beliefs are valued if you belong to Christianity.

What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos? 

The Bible tells you to have trust in the Lord if you wish to go to heaven. Anyone who denies or disrespects the bible cannot go to heaven.

According to the statement provided in Leviticus (19:28), it is mentioned to not have a cut on your body for death or get tattoo marks, God is the creator. Christian religion believes that humans should avoid having tattoos on their bodies and they say that God has instructed them to do so.

According to mentions in Corinthians (10:23), Everything is legit – but everything is not helpful for us. Having tattoos in Christianity is a contradictory statement. To have tattoos on your body is a symbol that you are ready to go through a lot of pain and immense struggle.

Therefore, Jesus Christ instructed people by saying that committing such sin can be not good for you (because the tattooing process involves syringes and needles that give pain to the human body). Whether it’s the new testament or the old testament, you are advised to refrain from getting yourself pagan life. 

Most humans believe that the human body is the creation of God and when you ink your body, you are altering or modifying the creation made by god.

According to Genesis (1:26) God has told us to make human beings like ourselves in our resemblance. so they can rule over the world, with their innovative minds. Genesis in the bible clearly states that you must keep your bodies pure and clean, to earn the respect of the creation of the world, which he has designed for you.

There are enormous arguments regarding getting heaven vs hell tattoos on your body. So in short, does it mean a tattoo is a sin? Well, you have checked the first side of the coin, what about the other?

Can Christians get tattoos?

As mentioned earlier, Tattoos are becoming more ubiquitous these days than in recent years. 

Many Christians believe that tattoos are sinful and that they won’t get into heaven. If you do not wish to insult the amazing creation of God, you must not get ink and tattoos on your body.

Moreover, haircuts, as well as manicures, are also suggested to be avoided, if you wish to attain the lord’s blessings. Your body’s a holy spirit, When you get tattoos on your body, you throw off your Biblical teachings and also lose connection with moral values. 

Nonetheless, followers of Christianity also say if having a tattoo is a sin, piercing must also be declared as a sin. But, make sure you do good deeds and not commit any sin, if you wish to reach the doors of heaven.

But Then, Who Cannot Go To Heaven?

In the Christians bible (14:6), Jesus Christ has said that worshiping him is the correct way to reach heaven and the awful truth is you can’t go to heaven until and unless you pray to Jesus Christ.

Additionally, according to (3:5) Jesus has told their devotees that honestly there are no alternative ways to enter the place of God, to enter heaven they must be born from the water as well as the Spirit. You can’t just simply reach heaven by doing anything you like because the lord does not have a special preference for you.

According to the theories of Islam, people who intend to drink alcohol, prefer staying away from mosques, get tattoos on body and eat pork cannot go to heaven as these are all considered illicit in the Islam religion.

In Hinduism, people who do not believe in the worshiping of holy deities and deny the theories of karma are the ones who can’t attain heaven and suffer the most.

Additionally, if you have intentionally or unintentionally tortured someone or have killed some living organisms, the pathways of heaven and the staircase to God have been closed for you forever.  

Moreover, there is no exact and determined path, which you can follow to go to heaven. Because every religion has its own and different paths to reaching heaven, however, believers think this is a lord’s shenanigan because he wants you to do something different and simultaneously follow in his footsteps.

Can We Go To Heaven With Tattoos?

According to the holy texts, modification of the body in any terms including tattoos, dental work, plastic surgery or pierced ears will restrict your path. However, 

According to Philippians 3:21, The transformation of our lowly body into one similar to his glorious appearance, by the power that makes it possible for him to submit himself to all things.

Based on 2 Corinthians 5:21, we are certain that even if our earthly home is demolished and dismantled, we have a building from God. It is a house made eternal in the heavens, not with the hands.

And 1 Corinthians 15:51 says, for a split second, at the last trumpet sound will be dead, will rise irrevocably that shall be unique and exquisitely changed. 


Do short people go to heaven?

Height isn’t any indicator that determines whether you reach the door of heaven or not. Therefore, it is a clear myth and cannot be used to describe a person’s eternal destination. 


To have a tattoo on your body is completely a subjective choice. There have been arguments on both sides, therefore, it is essential for you to rationally pick the most appropriate side. The conventional thinkers believe in not adding any art to the body whereas the lateral thinkers believe that art on the body doesn’t restrict the door to eternal destination and assign more weightage to the deeds done by them. 

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