Can Dentist Tell If You Smoke Weed? Is It True?

can dentist tell if you smoke weed

Do you smoke weed and worry that your dentist will discover it? Well, you are not alone in this hunt then. 

A professional dentist can know everything about your health by looking at your dental condition. Even if you bite your nails or intake unhealthy food, your dentist can easily find it. Therefore, in simple words, you can hide nothing from your dentist (but not even weed?) as they are shrewd and waiting for you to fall into the trap. 

Weed can worsen your dental condition, but does that mean your dentist will know about weed consumption? To know everything comprehensively, you are recommended to read the article till the end.

Leave No Sign for Destintist: Can The Dentist Tell If You Smoke?

Your dental health solely is not proper or enough for a professional dentist to find out if you regularly smoke weed. Excessive usage of marijuana is associated with tooth discoloration and xerostomia, famously known as cottonmouth. 

These symptoms are not limited to marijuana users. Even if you smoke tobacco, the chances of being encountered are incredibly high. But all of this can be eliminated with proper hygiene and oral practices. Additionally, to live a win-win situation, follow up with the dentist every once in six months, get regular cleanings, and aid his mastery of dentistry services to avoid future mishaps. 

Can A Dentist Really Find Out You Smoke Weed?

No such medium is available for the dentist to check whether you smoke weed or not. However, these are the four tests used to check weed consumption:

  • Urinalysis – microscopic means to find out drug presence in your system 
  • Mouth swabbing – The inside area of the cheek can be brushed with a piece of a cotton swab, which can be used to check drug consumption taken in the last few days. 
  • Hair tests – Drugs like weed might get stuck around or inside your system, and there are high possibilities they end up later in your hair. In that case, a hair sample is taken to check for marijuana use. 
  • Blood tests are the simplest way to check your body’s weed components. 

Now you know that the dentist has no way available to check your weed usage. Marijuana habits are a little bit interesting for them. However, if you wish to smoke, you need to be extra careful as it can affect your dental condition.  

Weed Damages Your Teeth?

Yes, it can affect your dental condition. 

If you consume weed, you might have poor oral gums as compared to normals ones 

According to reports by American Dental Association (ADA) 

the following symptoms or dental findings may tell if a person smokes weed or not:

  • Dry mouth
  • Patches inside the mouth, usually of white color.
  • Gum disease
  • Extra growth of gums, Inflamed mouth
  • A common fungal infection is caused by candida or alveolar bone loss. 

Tips For Weed Users, To Keep Their Teeth Condition Perfect?

As you know, weed has adverse effects and damages our teeth, so it’s mandatory to take the necessary steps to reduce such impact. Most people think of switching to vaping, but till now, there’s no such proof that it is better than cannabis. 

Here are a few tips on protecting your dental, which can prevent weed problems; most of these are simple and easy, but they make a huge difference.

  • Flossing daily – brushing your teeth twice a day is essential to keep your teeth in the best condition, but most of us skip days when it comes to flossing. Smoking cannabis regularly makes you prone to gum disease, which is why flossing becomes an important step. Avoid skipping days, and be sure you are gentle with your gums if you don’t want to bleed. A mouthwash afterward is also highly recommendable to remove stickiness from your teeth.
  • Drinking water – keeping yourself hydrated is the simplest and best way to keep your body condition up to date; it does not just give you an upper hand in maintaining your body condition but also improves your dental condition.
  • Use chewing gum – To control cottonmouth effects, you must use chewing gum as it not only stimulates but also produces saliva in higher amounts. Saliva is a significant component in our mouth to protect us from gum diseases and cavities.
  • Cut down on processed foods – Eating processed food frequently is not a good idea because it contains high amounts of sugar, which can result in decaying your tooth if you don’t stay careful. Weed sometimes can give munchies to you, so it’s better to eat healthy food, as you don’t have to cut them properly. However, if you sometimes wish to eat them, ensure you rinse your mouth properly to protect your gums and teeth after eating them. This will also help in restoring oral microflora.
  • Most importantly and lastly, go for dental checkups from time to time – even if you are experiencing anxiety issues or unpleasantness in your mouth, never skip your checkup. Do your necessary annual professional cleaning or any other interventions that need to be completed because The faster you find your tooth problem, it will be better in the long run. Moreover, avoid consuming weed at the time of dental checkups to get good and clear results. 

Can Your Dentist Tell If You Vape?

As you now know, smoking weed can be harmful to your dental and can result in many diseases. You must be wondering if vaping is entirely safe. The answer to this is yes.

Most people quit smoking and switch to vaping because they think it is safe and an alternative to smoking. At the same time, studies state that it ultimately affects your gums and oral health. Vaping also has common and adverse effects similar to smoking, and your dentist can tell you more about it. 


Smoking weed frequently can be harmful to your oral health, and a professional dentist can find what you intake or consume in a day just by taking a look at your teeth. However, this does not mean that they will get to know that you smoke weed because they have no such method available to check weed consumption.

In the worst scenario, if you smoke weed just before your dental checkup, then they can have an idea of your weed use. It’s better to intake less weed in your system as it worsens the condition of your gums and leads to tooth decay. Vapes are also not completely safe, and one should always consume within limits.

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