Bidet Converter Kit- Top Reasons to Consider this Alternative

Bidet Converter Kit

Have you ever considered adding bidets to your bathroom remodel or new home construction project? If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to start thinking about installing a bidet converter kit.

The French term “bidet” means “little horse.” People use a bidet, a sanitary bathroom appliance, to clean their private parts. A bidet is basically a toilet seat equipped with plumbing fixtures such as water jets or sprayers to cleanse your genitals during bowel movements.

Their main purpose is to provide better hygiene than standard toilets can offer. They also save a great deal of water compared to regular washing facilities. Some models even feature heated seats to warm the area around the anus.

A bidet converter kit offers a more comprehensive and efficient cleansing experience following bathroom use as an alternative to toilet paper. 

Most bidet conversion kit customers claim that using the toilet-seat accessory makes them feel cleaner and fresher than when they utilize toilet paper. Others assert it’s a more comfortable choice for new mothers and those with IBS.

The short answer to whether electric bidet conversion kits are good for your health is yes. A bidet is more efficient at cleaning you than using toilet paper. Your sensitive regions might get inflamed by residue and other bacteria.

Compelling Reasons to Opt for Bidder Converter Kit 

The most significant benefits of using a bidet are cost savings, increased hygiene, and environmental benefits from using less toilet paper. Let’s examine each of these advantages in more detail: 

Money Savior 

The majority of Americans spend thousands of dollars a year on toilet paper. But you can stop using most toilet paper thanks to bidet conversion kits! Long-term financial savings aside, you’ll also lessen your influence on the environment.

Increasing Hygiene

Although it’s not ideal, toilet paper does a decent job of cleaning up after we use the restroom. Bidet seats are far more effective at cleaning and can aid in the prevention of UTIs, yeast infections, and other hygiene-related issues.


Toilet paper is among the most widely used things in the world, yet producing it requires a lot of resources. Using a bidet converter kit may lessen the environmental impact of using less toilet paper.

An excellent option for those suffering from injuries 

Bidets, for instance, might assist those who find it difficult to clean themselves with toilet paper due to injuries or movement problems. Bidets can also be therapeutic for those who have hemorrhoids or other ailments. A bidet’s warm water can ease discomfort and irritability.

Saves electricity 

Bidet conversion kits don’t require power. Most versions just use the water pressure in your home to clean you after using the restroom. Only a cold water spray will be available with the less expensive versions, and it may not always be easy to change the water stream pressure.

The water used in the cleaning spray may be heated with the aid of an electric bidet. Additionally, they often contain a control panel where you can change the wash stream to deliver a gentle spray and, occasionally, a heated seat. Electric bidets with heated seats

A luxury washing experience 

A bidet is used to avoid using toilet paper for cleaning. Simply stand up after using the bidet, especially if it has a warm air drier built in, and enjoy feeling clean and renewed. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to excessive sweating, you might have to dry off in specific situations.

Some electric bidet conversion kits come with two self-cleaning nozzles, an air deodorizer, a soft-close seat, and an adjustable warm air drier. Although more expensive, these luxury bidet seats offer a more opulent experience.

It comes with a warm water feature. 

You can regulate the water temperature spraying in all bidets except the most affordable ones. This means that you may enjoy a cool spray on a hot day to cool you off or a warm spray to assist your muscles in resting at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why is the bidet not widely used in America?

Lack of awareness of the advantages of utilizing a bidet or liking toilet paper is a few potential reasons. Additionally, some individuals can find it unusual or unsettling to use a bidet. As more individuals learn about the benefits of using bidets in the

  1. Can an ordinary toilet be converted into a bidet?

Anyone can install bidet toilet seats; no special tools are required. New plumbing is not needed because this bidet style attaches right to your current toilet.

  1. After using a bidet, what do you use to dry?

It is not required; however, some individuals prefer to dry off with a towel after using the bidet. You might wish to rinse off with a towel to prevent irritation if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Otherwise, just get up and take in how good it feels to be clean and renewed. A warm air dryer is available with certain high-end bidet setups.

  1. How Do I Adjust Water Pressure And Temperature On A Bidet Conversion Kit?

A bidet’s water pressure and temperature are simple to regulate. By pressing a single button, you may operate the functionalities of the bidet seat’s electronic touchpad.

The Bottom Line 

Most bidets come equipped with a spray nozzle attachment at the bottom of the bowl. This allows you to cleanse your nether regions without touching anything other than the commode itself. Also, bidets have added benefits such as less water usage, increased hygiene, and better air quality.

Install a bidet conversion kit on your toilet if you care about protecting the environment and changing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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