Common Active Grill Shutter Problems: Solutions and Fixes

Active Grill Shutter Problems

The active grill shutter plays a crucial role in stopping the aerodynamic drag in an automobile. It also increases fuel efficiency when driving in bad weather conditions to improve the car’s overall performance. However, there can be times wherein the active grill shutter acts up and needs your attention.

Although there are multiple reasons for an active grille shutter to cause a problem, this article lists four major issues related to the fuse, a faulty actuator, a damaged shutter, and difficulties in the PCM connections.

Apart from these problems, it also provides solutions to them to help you act in the right way. As multiple owners face these issues regularly, it is crucial to figure out the leading cause of the problem to come up with the right solution.

4 Major Problems 

Fuse Problem 

Have you observed that your engine gets extremely hot while you drive your automobile? If an increase in temperature is something you have been witnessing for a while, then the problem can be in the active grill shutter fuse, which needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

A faulty fuse is one of the primary reasons why the active grill shutter can be damaged. For this, you need to locate the fault in the fuse box to ensure that this is the region that is causing damage to your active grill shutter. If you want to identify the bad fuse, remove it and replace it with a good one.

Faulty Actuator

A faulty actuator Is another reason your active grill shutter can give you trouble. It works with the shutters to help them move when the grill opens and closes.

Damage to the Actuator or its parts, including the sensors and wires, can lead to the malfunctioning of the motor system. Therefore you must locate the problem in the Actuator.

Damaged Shutter

Another primary reason why your active shutter grill can go wrong it’s due to a damaged shutter. The shutter can get damaged due to any accident as it is an assembly in the front bumper and is always prone to accidental taxes that can affect its overall assembly and structure.

The shutter needs to have a proper body and shape to work efficiently and reduce the drag in the air. If there is any accident, the air movement gets affected, causing breakage in the different parts of the system and even in the link.

PCM Connection Problems 

Another reason that can cause your active grill shutter not to work efficiently is a problem in the truck’s internal code system. According to reports, the diagnostic trouble codes of a Ford engine are the prime reasons that can cause the active grill shutter modules to cause problems.

The internal fault must be identified if you cannot spot any other problem with the engine parts, the fuse, and the Actuator.

Their 4 Practical Solutions

Fuse Problem Solution

As overheating is one of the prime reasons that can cause your engine fuse to blow out, you need to be careful about your front-end collisions, making the fuse more vulnerable to blowouts. Always check your calibrations and mechanically inspect blockages in the fuse that can affect the shutter system and the vehicle. You need to replace the damaged fuse immediately with a new one, which offers better quality and drag.

Rectifying Faulty Actuator

Apart from checking the different parts of the Actuator, another important reason for damage in the Actuator can be due to the burning of the wires due to overheating of the engine.

In addition, wires can corrode due to the moisture content in the engine environment, so you need to check all the Actuator parts and the engine in the system.

The motor should also have a perfect connection with all the blinds, and if in case you find anything going wrong, you need to replace the parts immediately but make sure that the replacement is done when the engine is off.

Repairing Shutter

If there are problems with the shutter, likely, the system cannot identify and analyze the codes causing it to be inactive, resulting in the engine getting hot. There can also be debris and dirt accumulated within the system that can cause the shutter to stop abruptly.

Check for accidents that can cause the structure of the shutter to get damaged, and apart from that, inspect for any defaults in the system and the presence of contamination. You must ensure that all the shutter parts are in the correct shape and position and work efficiently.

Fixing PCM Connection Problems

To fix the problem in the PCM system, you will first have to switch off your engine and connect the OBD II adapter to a laptop using a FORScan.

This scanner tool will secure your truck’s internal system to a computer. Once you connect it, the FORScan will show you data and notify you about the problems in the active grill shutter system.

Click on those incorrect codes to reset the entire system. Once you get the notification to cycle the ignition, you can start the engine.

Active Grill Shutter Problems- Prevention 

Usable Preventions 

  • Opt for environmentally friendly refrigeration such as the R- 134a
  • Ensure that the system has enough oil, which can reduce the system’s cooling capacity.
  • Contaminated oil can also be another reason that can cause a failure of your system, so ensure that there are no particles mixed in the oil.
  •  Ensure that the alignment of the active shutter is correct because an irregular alignment can also cause a problem with your system function.


As the active grill shutter plays a significant role in controlling the temperature of the aerodynamic drag and takes care of the engine’s cooling system, it must work well. However, there can be many reasons for its failure, and you must ensure that you find the cause.

Once you find the cause of the problems, the next step is finding the right solution. If you are okay with spending a lot on rectifying the problem, you can hire an expert who will make your work faster and easier.

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