2013 Ford Escape Problems- Engine and Problems

2013 ford escape problems

2013 Ford problems are numerous, but the most common ones include issues related to the engine, transmission, interior and exterior, cooling system, and electrical system. If you have a 2013 Ford or are planning to buy Ford 2013, you need to know the related issues.  

2013 Ford Escape Annoying Problems  

The best way to understand the issues related to Ford 2013 is by hearing from the owners of Ford 2013. The problems listed below are information and data gathered for resourceful websites and 2013 Ford owners. 

Engine-Related Problems

If your automobile suffers from an engine-related problem, then it is likely that you are to spend some money on repairing the damages and burns because engine problems are something most owners do not wish to have. As engine repair costs are always high, they always give owners tough times, which also holds for the 2013 Ford. 

Most problems related to the 2013 Ford include engine stalling, engine failure, illumination of engine lights, and abrupt engine fire. The most common way this problem is solved is by replacing the fuel sensors or repairing the wirings and the coolant bypass valves. 

A frequent check engine light flashing is the best way to determine if your 2013 Ford suffers from an engine problem. 

Transmission-Related Problems

Transmission problems also create significant difficulty for the car mechanically, and these problems also cost heavily on the owners. The most common transmission problem related to the 2013 Ford car is the problem of transmission shifting, slipping, or transmission failure.

Most of the 2013 Ford owners have reported that the transmission failure occurred in the middle of the traffic despite checking the car for regular maintenance. 

Another issue related to the transmission system is the transmission slipping problem. In addition, the transmission sometimes shifts on its own, making driving unsafe, especially for those new to operating. The cost of repairing these transmission-related problems can range from $2000 to $4000, depending on the severity of the problem. 

Interior and Exterior Problems

Exterior problems include paint and body issues such as the occurrence of premature rust, door latch difficulties, power liftgate problems, and paint bubbling issues. Of these problems, challenges in latching the door were constantly seen in most of the 2013 Ford cars.

These issues were not minor and had to be repaired by replacing the entire door latch system or the door locking system. 

Interior problems were related to the power steering resulting in steering sensitivity and steering assist faults. In addition, apart from the steering problems in Ford 2013, this same issue was also observed in the previous models of Ford in 2008 and 2011.

Cases with the steering are severe as they can even cause the car to crash at high speed as the driver does not have control of the vehicle. Moreover, steering sensitivity can also be an issue as it allows the car to rush without precision, causing a lack of balance. 

Cooling System Problems 

Problems arising from the water pump, coolant consumption, and cooling system leakage are the most common ones to cause issues in the cooling system of the 2013 Ford.

The most common complaint reported by the owners was that the cooling system consumed a touch of coolant. The problem arose at a mile coverage of 60,000 and had to be replaced by a $980 worth radiator and a reservoir. 

Another frequent complaint arose from the failed water pump system. Though there were no initial signs, this problem can arise abruptly. Cooling system leaks are other problems that diagnosis was difficult to find, costing around $ 4000 for the leak repair. 

Electrical System Problems

Electrical system problems arise from damaged wiring, leaking battery, or issues with the horn module. Most Ford 2013 owners reported a breakdown in the electrical system at miles of around 70,000.

The only way to check the repairs is by getting the car inspected by the dealer or a knowledgeable mechanic to find the reason for this problem.

If electrical systems are affected, these problems can escalate and reach the battery, causing the owners to replace the entire battery. Several owners have also reported that they had to replace the horn modules at about miles over 6000 for around $200. 


Ford 2013 has hundreds of complaints registered on sites like Edmunds.com and carcomplaints.com. This article was, therefore, to provide you a gist into the problems related to 2013 Ford. It helps you make an informed decision about whether to buy this automobile or not.

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